Mrs. Matykiewicz, Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. Rose
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  • Check In / Check Out for non-driving students:

    =        Parent required to check student in & out of school in the Attendance Office

    =        Student may check in alone with a valid Doctor’s note.

    =        Parent must show a picture ID when checking a student out.


  • Check in for students who drive:

    =       Student must have a doctor’s note or a note and a phone call from a parent.

    =        Doctor appointments are unexcused until a doctor’s note is turned in to the Attendance office.

  • Check Out for students who drive:

    =        Parent must call and send a note to the Attendance Office before student checks out.

    =        Doctor appointments are unexcused until a doctor’s note is turned in to the Attendance office.

  •  Click here for a printable absence note

    Tips that apply to ALL students:

    • 2:15 p.m. is the cutoff time for checkouts.
    •  Submit notes for being absent within 2 days to Attendance office or absence will be unexcused.  Emails are not accepted.
    •  Parent may drop off forgotten items in the Attendance Office.  Students have been told & are aware of the drop off area and will not be called out of class to pick up dropped off items.
    •  Student must sign in on clipboard in Nurse's office and use the nurse’s phone when feeling ill or making calls home. Use of a cell phone is a violation and will result in an Unexcused Checkout.
    • Any student who leaves class or campus without teacher or administrator's permission could be subject to suspension.
    •  No fast food is to be brought in.  We have no room.
    • Absenteeism due to special circumstances must be pre-approved by Mrs. Matykiewicz.
    • Click here for a list of excused absences. Select SP 6.200 Attendance.
    •  More questions?  Email Mrs. Lee Carpenter at

      During each nine weeks – A student will receive a tardy

      referral for every 3rd tardy received in each class.

       When a late student receives an unexcused admit to school,

      he/she will be marked as unexcused by that classroom


      •   1st tardy referral -  will result in 3 days of cafeteria duty
      •   2nd tardy referral -  the student is assigned Friday school (3:00-5:00)
      •  3rd tardy referral  - will result in out of school suspension (OSS).

        Tardies are not accumulated beyond a grading period.


    Important Documents

    Please click here for a printable list of our tips and excuse note
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