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                                                         week of May 22
Well our last week is here. It has been a great year! This week we are going to talk about things we might do in the summer time. Camping, going on a picnic, going to the movie and swimming. Our program is Wednesday at 1:30. You can come to the office and check in and then come to the class. Afterwards we will have light refreshments. Friday is a half day for students. I hope you all enjoy your summer and I can't wait to see how much the kids grow. 
Friend of the week activities, on Friday:
1. Poster with pictures and facts about your child.
2. Snack for all kids
3. Come in and read or share with the class on Friday
If your child will not adjust well to having you come in and then leave it is ok to skip this. You can send in a book and I will read it. Please let me know ahead of time if you are coming and time ,so I can let them know in the office.  

LAMP schedule

Library week A and Guidance week B
 Thursday- 9:00-9:30
Wednesday- 1:45-2:05 



Please label everything you send to school, lunch boxes, cups, etc.  Always keep a change of clothes in your child's backpack and send a snack and drink for snack daily. 
Thanks to the people that joined PTA. I encourage everyone to join. WE are currently STILL the lowest percentile in the school. Come on guys, your children will reap the rewards of your 
 Make sure to check your child's backpack to see if there are extra clothes, may need to trade out the summer for cooler weather.

Important dates

May 24
End of the year Program 
May 26
last day
half day
spirit day 

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