GMSD Distance Learning and Pandemic Updates

Class Rules & Procedures

Learning is a Consequence of Thinking
Visible Thinking is a framework and philosophy used to create inquiry based learning opportunities that engage students in higher level thinking skills. We will be utilizing various visible thinking routines in the classroom.
Classroom Expectations
1. Make good use of time on task
2. Finish tasks on time
3. Work and play cooperatively
4. Follow directions the first time given
5. Respect authority
6. Respect the rights of others
7. Behave in the hallway and restroom
8. Practice self discipline
9. Listen attentively
Birthday Treats
Due to the number and severity of food allergies in the building there will be no birthday treats brought in to the school to be shared with classmates. A good alternative to a food birthday treat is purchasing a book for the school library in honor of your child's birthday. Please discuss with me any other ideas you may have for alternative treats.
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