Frequently Asked Questions


My student currently attends a GMSD school, if we move outside of Germantown, will he/she be able to remain at the GMSD school?

Parents/guardians who move at ANY time from the address provided when registering your student(s) must submit an Eligible Circumstance request for transfer.

Failure to do so, may result in the student(s) being removed from the current GMSD school to the school he/she is zoned to attend.

I am currently residing with a Germantown resident. How do I enroll my child in the GMSD schools?

Parents/guardians who live with another person must provide additional information for Shared Residency Verification. Contact the office of Student Services for more information at 752-7889.

Does buying a home in Germantown guarantee that my child will be eligible to attend a GMSD school?

Yes. Anyone living in the city of Germantown is guaranteed a spot in the GMSD school he/she is zoned to attend.

(see the Elementary and Middle School Zone locator)

If my child is currently a non-resident transfer student in the 8th grade, do I need to apply for a transfer to HHS for 9th grade?

Yes, transfers are only granted through the exit year of the school they are attending. If you are a non-resident transfer student and in the 5th grade at DES and FES or 8th grade at Riverdale or HMS, you must apply for an Open Enrollment transfer to continue to HMS or HHS. Applications for Open Enrollment are available at the beginning of the second semester of each school year.

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