Winter Weather Updates
At this time, Germantown Municipal School District is remaining in session. After school activities have NOT been cancelled.

Site Selection Criteria

School Site Selection Criteria

SAFETY (these factors should be considered)
• Adjacent to or near roadways with a high volume of traffic
• Close proximity to railroad tracks
• Close to high-voltage power line, high-pressure lines, for example
natural gas, gasoline sewer or water lines
• Contaminants/toxics in the soil or groundwater, such as from landfills,
dumps, chemical plants, refineries, fuel tanks, nuclear plants, or
agricultural use of pesticides or fertilizer, etc.
• Close to high decibel noise sources
• A 100-year flood plain
• Social hazards in the neighborhood, such as high incidence of crime
and drug or alcohol abuse

• Safe walking areas
• Centrally located to avoid extensive transporting and to minimize
student travel distance
• Compatible with current and probable future zoning regulations
• Close to neighborhoods, libraries, parks, museums, and other
community services
• Favorable orientation to wind and natural light

• Proximity to faults or fault traces
• Stable subsurface and bearing capacity
• Danger of slides or liquefaction
• Percolation for septic system and drainage
• Adequate water table level
• Existing land fill is reasonably well compacted
• Feasibility of mitigating steep grades
• Rock ledges or outcroppings
• Surface and subsurface drainage
• Level area for playfields

• Net acreage consistent with the International Council of Educational
Facility Planners (+13 acres)
• Length-to-width ratio does not exceed 2:1
• Sufficient open play area and open space
• Potential for expansion for future needs
• Area for adequate and separate bus loading and parking

• Obstacles such as crossing on major streets and intersections, narrow
or winding streets, heavy traffic patterns
• Access and dispersal roads
• Natural obstacles such as grades or gullies
• Routing patterns for foot traffic
• Remote areas (with no sidewalks) where students walk to and from
• Easily reachable by emergency response vehicles
• Fire and police protection

• Availability of water, electricity, gas, sewer
• Feasibility of bringing utilities to site at reasonable cost
• Restrictions on right of way

• Reasonable costs for purchase of property, and legal fees
• Reasonable costs for site preparation including, but not limited to,
drainage, parking, driveways, removal of existing building, and grading
• Toxic cleanup beyond, the owner’s obligation
• Environmental mitigation
• Reasonable maintenance costs

• Public acceptance of the proposed site

Site Selection Rubric

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