Strategic Plan 2025

Strategic Plan 2025 Community Information

Strategic Plan Goal Contributors

Goal One:  Innovative, Challenging, and Engaging Academics
Focus Group One:
TLA Team
ESE Team
Missy Abel
Joye Phipps
Zac Percoski
Focus Group Two:
Abigail Simone
Cathy Young
Ellen Moak
Renee Canter
Melinda Henson
Katherine Brown
Donna Kitchen
Amy Eoff
Angela Trillo
Camalon Moore
Matt Braby
Elizabeth Gates

Goal Two: Whole Child
Focus Group One: 
Student Services Team
District School Counselor/Social Worker
School Coordinated Health
ESE Team
Teresa Price
Ashley Brasfield
Michael Ruiz
Rob Taylor
Pam White
Focus Group Two:
Dan Haddow
Traci Spain
Spencer Nesvick
Carla Christian
Carla Reyna
Brandi Fitzpatric
Coach Brian Field
Rebecca Luter
Traci Spiniewski
Angie Childers
Susie Gregory

Goal Three: Recruit, Develop, and Retain Exemplary Employees
Focus Group One: 
Human Resources Team
TLA Team
Finance Team
Shannon Ward
Rob LeGault
Paul Ross
Focus Group Two:
Lisa Reed
Coach Chad Becker
Melinda McClennon
Katie Nelson
Jennifer Kapellas
Laura Coleman
Camellia Jones
Heather Crowley
Linda Fisher
Michael Hill
Eboyne Stewart
Kimberly de Lara-Staunton

Goal Five: Community Partnerships
Focus Group One:
Communications Team
Finance Team
Josh Cathey
Ethan Constant
Leigh Ellis
Kendra Pickens
Jessica Woody
Tom Suchman
Focus Group Two:
Cathy Jones
Suzy Diroff
Peter Simons
Monica Thomas
Tony Smith
Kelly Rhodes
Angela Griffith
Michelle Lady
Amy Jenkins
Jeff Cowens

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