Treglia, Kari

Dear Parents of the Class of 2023,

Welcome to Houston High School and Germantown Municipal School District! We are thrilled that your child is part of our Houston Mustang Family! High school is very different from middle school. You and your child have probably felt some anxiety about this big transition. This is completely normal. We, at Houston, will do our best to ease these anxieties and help your child feel welcome.

As the ninth grade school counselor, I am very excited to work with you and your child this year. I want to make sure that I meet their needs. As a school counselor, I consider all aspects of a child; social, emotional, and academic. Please encourage your child to create a partnership with me and to view me as a resource here at Houston. I am available to them before school, after school, in between classes, or they can always ask a teacher to come see me.

I believe that to find success in high school the students, parents, teachers, and counselor must work together as a team. I am here to help you or your child anytime. Never hesitate to call or email me.  
Kari Treglia - 9th Grade Counselor
Phone:  (901) 756-2370 ext. 6045
Fax:  (901) 756-2312
Kari Treglia - 9th Grade Counselor
Phone:  (901) 756-2370 ext. 6045
Fax:  (901) 756-2312

Anonymous Alerts

We want to hear your concerns. You can send important reports to school officials through the Anonymous Alerts program. All resports are completely anonymous. Plus, you can add a screenshot and/or photo of the incident.

  • Report bullying/cyberbullying.
  • Concerns about friends and classmates.

Anonymous Alerts 

Anonymous Alert Flyer 

Get Involved at HHS

Whatever your niche is, HHS has a place for you! Beside academics, we encourage students to engage in an environment where they are challenged to succeed in many facets. At Houston High School, we understand and value the diversity of a large student body. Even the College Board advises getting involved! HHS has countless clubs, activities, and athletics where students can find a place to participate and grow. Studies show that students who are actively involved in their school and community through extra-curricular activities;
  • Perform better in the classroom
  • Become more well-rounded individuals
  • Land jobs and internships better, and
  • Earn admission to prestigious universities at higher rates 

For more information about the Clubs and Activities offered at HHS, click here: 

For more information about the Athletics offered at HHS, click here: 

Technology at HHS

All freshmen will use a laptop during the school day. Each child has access to Schoology, Skyward, and Email as technology tools. Students need to bring their laptop to school fully charged. 

GMSD Blended Learning Page 

If you need help accessing Skyward (the official Grade Book) or Schoology, Parent Guides can be found at Blended Learning Help. For additional help you or your child can contact Ms. Deskin at      

Course Selection

Click here for the Course Catalog, recommended Math Pathways, and the 4-Year Plan. I f you download the Course Catalog you'll be able to search in the upper right corner which will save you time when using it.


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