Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does buying a home in Germantown guarantee that my child will be eligible to attend a GMSD school? 

Yes.  Anyone living in the city of Germantown is guaranteed a spot in GMSD schools. 

If a Germantown resident student stays at one of the three "G" schools for the coming year, can he or she switch to a GMSD school the following year, 2015-16?

Yes.  All Germantown residents would be welcome into GMSD schools at anytime.  

We live in Germantown Park which has always been zoned to GES and GMS. We're planning to have our child finish at GMS this next year. What if, a few weeks into the new school term, we decide he should be at Houston Middle? Can he change during the school year?
Germantown residents would be welcome into GMSD schools at anytime.  However, we encourage parents to carefully consider their options and make the best choice for their children. Changing districts can have the following results:
1. Preferred elective courses may already be filled at capacity
2. It would have budget implications for the district
3. According to TSSAA regulations, athletes can transfer now without having to sit out a year from their current sport. Once the school year has begun, we will follow normal TSSAA regulations, which requires the athlete to sit out a year from any sport they participated in at a previous school.

We're looking for a home in Germantown and want our children to attend GMSD schools. Do we have to live exactly in the zone for the school we'd like them to attend?

Germantown residents are only guaranteed a seat in the schools for which they are zoned (see the Elementary and Middle School Zone locator).  This year all Germantown residents were granted transfers to the schools of their choice. The transfer numbers are dependent on capacity numbers each academic year.

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