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Schools create amazing displays for Saddle Creek's Deck the Deer
Each PTA had a strong showing in this year's holiday contest, themed "Deck the Deer". The deer in question were donated to the district by the Shops of Saddle Creek Properties--who were hoping for us to breathe some new life into their old holiday decorations.

Aptly, the PTAs and in most cases the students set to work to create their own unique deer from the worn deer.

This year, on Saturday December 10th, onlookers at the Germantown Holiday Parade will get a chance to see our GMSD Deer up close and personal as they will be featured on the GMSD float.

But, due to size and space limitations--we cannot include all of them--and hate for anyone to miss the spectacle at each school!

So here they are:

The WINNING SCHOOL....Dogwood Elementary

For their spin on a "Blue Christmas"

Just so that you can take in the full effect, check out the fine work that occurred at other schools--because the competition was so fiercely close:
Riverdale, who subbed their deer out to individual student groups

The judges were particularly "endeared" with the phrase, "You BETA watch out, You BETA not cry..." from the baby Santa deer

Farmington who went with a classy holiday theme

"Farmington is family" after all and we loved the hat on the daddy deer!

Houston High straight gave each deer to an individual student. The results are genius--and each one delighted the judges!

The Elvis

The Grinch

The Ragdoll
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