STEM Stories: Spotlight on Excellence features STEM across the district

We are proud of our amazing GMSD STEM team of students, teachers, principals, and support staff, as we are honored to shed the Spotlight on STEM across our district this month!

Enjoy the show with clips from parents, Tina Powis-Dow and Elizabeth M. Sellers; HMS Student, Elizabeth Seymour; and HHS Students, Sean Hopkins, Alex Gibson, and Katie Fagan.

While the Spotlight on Excellence showcases a sample of STEM integration across the district, there are additional opportunities provided to our students every day thanks to many innovative teachers in our schools. Special thank you to the following:

• GMSD Lead STEM teacher Christa Phillips for coordinating all STEM efforts and curriculum alignment!

• All 3rd grade science teachers for implementing the Project Lead the Way Launch STEM modules this year:
Dogwood – Susan Berry, Lou Carmichael, Morgan Grow
Farmington – Jonathan House, Kelly Rhodes, Wendy Pitt, Ashley Rotenberry
Riverdale – Karen Barbieri, Rachel Hebarling, Caren McCoy

• Technology team for supporting 3rd grade science teachers with iPad implementation
Curriculum Technology Trainers - Terry Schmitt, Ashley Smith, and Chris Cooper
School Technology Support: Brian Batts, Katrina Baker, Tonji Cromwell
Technology Admin Team: John Burnett, Mason Grace, and John Pierce

• Middle school teachers for implementing STEM curriculum through their STEM Explorers, Innovators, and Designers courses:
Riverdale - Matt Freeman, Angeline Galabiz, and Suzanne Humble-Davies
Houston Middle: Michelle Powers and Pam Tate; and thank you to Jeanette Taylor (inaugural STEM teacher!), Leslie Austin, and Jean Provine for opening their classrooms for the TSIN community tour

• Houston High STEM integration teachers/club sponsors: Leslie Brommer (CS classes and CyberPatriot), Melissa Ducey (VEX Robotics), and Craig Juneau (IT classes and SkillsUSA)

• District Office Support of curriculum and programs:
Superintendent, Jason Manuel
Director of Academics, Meredith Park
Science instructional support, Melissa Hurt
Career and Technical Education support for equipment, teacher professional development, and student CTSO involvement/travel: Clark Knight
Traveling Film crew and GMSD TV: Ryan Sweeney and Rob Manuel
Communication Specialist: Kate Crowder

Continue to follow GMSD as we provide more STEM opportunities for all students with the mindset that All Teachers are STEM Teachers.

-Missy Abel, Instructional Supervisor, Office of Academic Advancement

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