HHS student accepted into Carnegie Mellon's prestigious Computer Science program

Jesse Keck was recently accepted into Carnegie Mellon, a prestigious private university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...with an acceptance rate of only 13.7%. Jesse's love for Computer Science first sparked his interest in CMU. "I didn’t think of going to Carnegie Mellon until I really got into Computer Science around my sophomore year. I took Mrs. Brommer's Introductory programming class and enjoyed it a lot, which led me to considering Computer Science as a major," Keck explains. Carnegie Mellon is known as one of the best schools for Computer Science (this program has an acceptance rate of 6%), which put it on Keck's radar. He didn't know much about the college until he visited it last summer; "What really impressed me was how the students and faculty there were so involved with current, real world issues and challenges. The hackathons (coding competitions) they had there were sponsored by huge companies like Microsoft and Google, and I talked with one student over e-mail that had helped one of his teachers out with this Lunar-X rover competition." Although CMU hasn't always been Keck's dream school, it quickly became it once he visited. 

Not only is Keck pursuing his dreams of a Computer Science major at CMU, he is also playing golf and doing Navy ROTC. Keck says, "I have been playing golf for nearly all my life. My dad was a golfer himself, so he got me into the sport at an early age; I've loved it ever since." Likewise, his dad was also in the Navy, which created an interest for Keck. Keck explains that Naval ROTC is perfect for him for a few reasons: it alleviates the financial burden of college, it's a program that will teach discipline and leadership without dominating his time at school, and he will have the privilege of serving his country after college. 

You might be asking yourself, "What did he do to get into such a great school?". Well, Keck is involved in boy scouts (he's an Eagle Scout), VEX Robotics, German, golf, and of course the multiple computer science and math courses that he has excelled in. On top of being well-rounded, Keck earned a 35 on the ACT, which also helped him stand out among the applicant pool. 

Overall, GMSD is extremely proud of this impressive Houston student who is setting such high goals for himself. Congratulations and best of luck to Jesse Keck for his successes! 
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