Class of 2018 relives kindergarten days with elementary school walk-through

With the beautiful spring weather of May, there also comes the unfortunate, bittersweet good-bye to those graduating and leaving our schools. To commemorate this momentous rite of passage, several seniors returned to their elementary schools for a special visit.

Students who’ve been a part of GMSD for the majority of their educational career walked down memory lane, and the halls of their elementary alma mater, in full cap and gown today. From Riverdale to Dogwood to Farmington, they were greeted by high-fives from students, ecstatic to get a glimpse at their future, and former teachers, touched to see their students grown-up and successful. 

“It was so fun to go back and walk through the same halls that a lot of us hadn’t been through since we left elementary school,” said senior Katie Young, “It was so sweet to go back and see all of these excited kids and old teachers.”
We are so glad our senior students had the opportunity to bid farewell to the place that shaped so much of their formative years, and we wish them the best of luck as they move forward into their next chapter in life.
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