A lesson on U.S. Government provides a hands-on experience in local affairs at Dogwood Elementary

Germantown, Tennessee--May 16, 2018--Dogwood’s 4th grade students tried to solve some real-world challenges facing the U.S. government. Teacher, Camille Honan, developed an opportunity that had every student to take on the role of government officials and learn more about how our government system works.  The students had prepared by studying the development of the U.S. government, the three branches, and the balance of powers.

Mrs. Honan scheduled numerous volunteers to come and speak to small groups of students who were acting as the President’s cabinet.   Guest speakers included: GMSD personnel, community members, and DES faculty and staff. Each student group brought back the information they learned from their guest speaker, and a problem that the guest speaker had presented for them to explore possible solutions. Problems ranged from security, funding, construction, discipline, and much more.  After meeting with Mr. Manuel, student Jeb Barger said, “It was really fun because I got to talk with the superintendent who is in charge of GMSD and talk about the new school.”

Students then took on the role of Congressmen and women, where they experienced the law writing process, and presented their laws to be voted on by Congress. Finally, students’ laws are put to the test by the Supreme Court where they will decide whether their laws are Constitutional, or need to be re-written to be interpreted more clearly.  Mrs. Honan said, “This government project has been an amazing experience for our students. Students got a chance to be inquisitive, and discuss problems that affect them.”

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