Art students showcase their talents at spring art expo

Students from Houston High School’s Art Program displayed their artistic talents in the main entrance lobby on April 19 during the 2018 Spring Art Exhibition. The pieces included drawings, watercolors, acrylics, charcoals, sculptures, printmaking, and illustrations from students in Art 1 Honors through AP Art.

“The Spring Art Show is a juried exhibition of all the students in the Art Program and some of their work from throughout the year,” said Amanda Schulter, HHS art teacher. “This is a celebration of their hard work and talents!”

The invitation to the 2018 Spring Art Exhibition included a piece by Jane Yan entitled “Enteroctopus Dofleini.” Other artwork by Yan, a senior taking AP Art, won the Principal’s Purchase Prize. “Ms. Schulter pushes me to do my best work,” stated Yan.

Schulter teaches Art 1 Honors, Art 3 Honors, and AP Art, along with Art History, while Bobby Spillman teaches Art 1 Honors, Art 2 Honors and Art 4 Honors, as well as Art History.

The best artwork collection was awarded to Molly Rose Hamm, a senior in Ms. Schulter’s AP Art class. “Ms. Schulter is disciplined and helps keep you on schedule, and Mr. Spillman helps you build your creative vocabulary through imagery,” said Hamm. 

“Mr. Spillman and I share a bond between art and skateboarding, which motivated me to design this piece,” said Luke Bettendorf, a senior in Spillman’s Art 4 Honors class. Bettendorf submitted his piece entitled “Buck,” which included a painting of a deer on the deck of a skateboard.

Elizabeth Black, a senior taking Art 3, created a self-portrait entitled “Fuzzy.” “Ms. Schulter not only taught me the technics to improve my artwork, but also the meaning behind them that someone else would not normally think of,” said Black.

“The Art Program at Houston High School is an honors program,” 
explained Spillman. “It’s very much the same as a college art program, where incoming freshman are hand selected through a portfolio review of their work from middle school.”

To view a list of expo winners and their submissions as well as AP student art boards, scroll below. For more information on the Houston High School Art Program, visit
Spring Art Exhibition Winners 2018

Principal's Purchase Prize
Jane Yan, "Antheraea polyphemus" 

People's Choice Nominees 
Suha Arshad, "Wish You Were Pear" 
Lindsay Carney, "Glo" 
Ella Garner, "Helping Hands" 
Ella Kennin, "Rainbow Regret" 
Jane Yan, "Photinus pyralis" 

Special Recognition
Raven Bess, "Frog on a Lily Pad" 
Pranav Desurkar, "An Accident" 
Julie Earnest, "Accident" 
Azaria Farrington, "It Me" 
Madeline Harreid, "Tater Tot" 
Kelly Glasgow, "Cardenas" 
Xan Lester, "Prickly" 
Anna Margaret Jackson, "Sloth" 
Alana Morgan, "Okapi" 
Amya Johnson, "Peacock in a Yellow Sweater" 
Julie Kemp, "Jinx" 
Emily Scott, "Dawg" 
Riley Younger, "Handmade" 

ART 1 
Hon. Mention: Madison Skaggs, "Takeout" 
3rd: Riahna Van Sciver, "Horse of the Sea" 
2nd: Suha Arshad, "Hoarders: Buried Alive" 
1st: Eddie Truszkowski, "Swoosh"

ART 2 
Hon. Mention: Milo Sulipeck, "Hey It's Dark Turn the Lights On Please" 
3rd: Dina Brady, "Untitled" 
2nd: Nikki Aryan, "The Melting Pot" 
1st: Alexandria Mortensen, "Under the Sea" 

ART 3 
Hon. Mention: Alyssa Doyle, "Capitalist Agenda" 
3rd: Sydney Beltran, "bang Millennial" 
2nd: Blakely Harrison, "Psychedelic Shades" 
1st: Elizabeth Black, "Fuzzy" 

ART 4 / AP Art 
Hon. Mention: Elizabeth Harless, "Arachnophobia" 
3rd: Luke Bettendorf, "Skateboard (Buck)" 
2nd: Halima Morafa, "Not Connected" 
1st: Marie Ensell, "Breeze" 
AP Portfolio
Hon. Mention: Halima Morafa
3rd: Marie Ensell
2nd: Alexis Doan
1st: Molly Rose Hamm

Best In Show
Alexis Doan, "Golden Days" 
Molly Rose Hamm, "Vaste" 
Ella Kennin, "Foliage" 
Paige Palmer, "Look At All Those Wiggles', 
Jane Yan, "Enteroctopus dofleini"

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