Revised Exam Exemption Policy

The Germantown Board of Education met this morning and amended our Exam Exemption Policy 4.600.  The School Board removed the highlighted portion of Lines 29-32 in the policy (see below).

A student having a 93 or higher average for two terms in a specific course will be exempted from the semester exam if the student desires.  When a student is exempted from the examination, the semester average will be the average of the two-term grades.  ANY UNEXCUSED ABSENCE OR MORE THAN FIVE EXCUSED ABSENCES PER SEMESTER IN THE COURSE WILL DISQUALIFY THE STUDENT FROM ALL EXEMPTIONS.  EXEMPTIONS APPLY ONLY TO TEACHER-MADE SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS. (religious holidays and excused post-secondary travel days will not count against the exemption status of the student).  Twelfth-grade students are eligible for exam exemption during both semesters.  All other students in high school courses who meet the above requirements may be exempted for only the second-semester exam.
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