Germantown Municipal School District recognizes six students for their acts of kindness and empathy

Germantown, Tennessee--November 19, 2019--Germantown Municipal School District recognizes six students (one from each school) for their acts of kindness and empathy. These students go above and beyond with their attitude and enthusiasm.  Each Olweus School Lead was invited to submit the name of a student who embodied GMSD's new emphasis on social emotional learning.

Lilia Zakhireh
Dogwood Elementary School
Nominated by Brandi Fitzpatric
Lilia has always demonstrated a sincere concern for the physical and emotional wellness of others. She loves to use her creativity to inspire and be involved in passion projects that lift others around her.  Lilia is bright, talented, and has a genuinely beautiful heart.

Jesse Carr
Houston High School
Nominated by Denise Fisher
Jesse has always put others before himself. His smile and kindness is infectious. Everything he does is done at 100%.

Ella Croft
Houston Middle School
Nominated by Carla Christian
Ella has a heart of compassion. She is sensitive to the needs of others around her and she has always been tender-hearted.

Cameron Byrd
Riverdale K-8 School
Nominated by Shannon Ward
One of our favorite things about Cameron is his love for helping others.  He definitely has a servant heart!  He spent many days visiting with people in nursing homes and volunteering at the Germantown Animal Shelter.  He’s also involved with the best buddies program at Riverdale.  Cameron makes excellent grades and plays baseball, football, basketball and golf but we are most proud of how he goes out of his way to include others who often get left out.  "Our proudest moments are when his teachers tell us what he did that day at school to help a friend with special needs, a new student, or someone who was alone," his mother told us. 

Laila Brown 
Farmington Elementary
Nominated by Rob LeGault
Laila is a great student academically and has an equally great concern for those in her community. She often assists her teachers, works closely with students who learn differently, and makes carebags to pass out to the homeless. She typically puts others first and believes kindness is a key to a happy life.

Molly Furhman
Forest Hill Elementary
Nominated by Skylar Workman
Molly is a noticer. As the fifth of five children not much gets past her. With a keen sense of observation fueled by constant enthusiasm, Molly is always ready to share an idea or the seat next to her. She seems to make friends easily and thinks highly of those who look out for each other. These are the things we hope take root into the core of her character.
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