8th grader Neeraj Pawar created his own ride to travel to and from school

By HHS students August Clawson & Drew Randolph
Germantown, Tennessee--November 1, 2019--Neeraj Pawar is an inventive 8th grader who attends Houston Middle School, and he has created one of the most unique ways to get to and from school. A couple of months ago Neeraj was at home and an idea struck him. The walk to Houston Middle was long and boring for him--what if it became interesting and quicker
He noticed the electric scooter sitting in his garage and an idea formed, an idea that would come into being. An electric go-cart of sorts, all it would take was the electric scooter, some batteries, wires, and an 8th grader with a plan. The cart started coming together one piece at a time. He added extra items like an American flag, a speedometer, and a passenger's chair.  Today, the vehicle can travel up to 15 mph and is a sight to behold.
Photo of the Cart by August Clawson
If you ask him if it’s finished, he will answer, "I’m always planning to add more".  Every morning and every afternoon, unless the weather is bad, he commutes to school in his homemade cart. Neeraj is a builder and there's no telling what will come from his garage next.
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