Dogwood Elementary recently hosted its annual Envisions Mini-EXPO

Germantown, Tennessee--January 10th, 2020--Dogwood Elementary hosted its annual Envisions Mini-EXPO.  Students in 3rd-5th grade GA classes practiced presenting as they learned skills for speaking up and explaining their thinking and reasoning. This builds self-confidence and the projects help to teach time management skills for completion within a given checkpoints and deadlines.

Third graders created a Pet Parade.  Students researched pet choices and created a monthly cost analysis for food and care, created a song, poem and toy for their pet.  Sami Huda even researched the enormous cost to have a pet tiger!  Sami, said,”I had to focus most of my research on how to feed a tiger and find enough living space for it.  We finally found what we needed by researching zoos.” 

4th graders designed their perfect backyard withone acre that included relaxation and recreation areas. Students' like Aurora Babcock created a detailed diorama, that showed off her whimsical willow tree.  5th grader started their Travel Passport for a perfect trip. Ari Pagoria's daily itinerary and experiences in Switzerland had everyone ready to pack up! 

These cross curricular projects were all research-based to allow for each student to have freedom to create and discover what they are interested in most.  Teacher Julie Williams said,” We want to show students that they can take on a huge project. If they manage their time and break it into small steps, anything is possible.”  
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