Athletes offer support, high-fives, and friendly faces to younger students on the first day

This past Monday, athletes from Houston High stood at the doors of all our GMSD schools to greet our younger students and provide them some comfort on their first day in what has become a new annual tradition in the city.


Players and coaches from the football, volleyball, and cross country teams handed out Houston “H” zipper pulls, as well as their fair share of high-fives, and just welcomed these students into the school.  

Volleyball senior Rachelle Mitchell, who greeted our Riverdale Raiders, said this, “Seeing all the adorable kids walk in made me want to go to Riverdale all over again! The new building’s debut made it so exciting for everyone to be there, especially the kids. It definitely made my day 100 times better to see new and old faces”.


It was evidently a positive experience for both elementary and high schoolers alike. "We are proud to have such an amazing group of students who want to engage our Germantown community. Thank you to every athlete and coach who participated in building up the excitement and family atmosphere on the first day,"  said Superintendent Jason Manuel.
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