Spanish superstars sweep national test and society

This week has been quite the fiesta for the honors students enrolled in Houston High School’s Spanish Department. The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese grant awards every year to high performing students on the academically rigorous National Spanish Exam and Houston was fortunate to have 66 students receive such prestige.

Scoring in the 95th percentile and receiving the Oro (Gold) Award are students Annabel Leonard, Parth Patel, Eliezer Bueno, Yaelle Szoychen, Madison Davis, Santiago Lugo, Kes Jackson, Z. Gavin Lee, Ansam Qaddoumi, and Joyce Kim. 

Students Griffin Clark, Karina Donovan, Avery Downing, Tamar Estrano, Virginia Folse, Roshan Parikh, Molly Rose, Asavari Shanker, Mary Swanson, Meera George, Trenton Jones, Samuel Perry, Joslyn Primicias, Alexander Turner, Aaron Rude, Lara Amro, Elizabeth Black, Adalyn Boccuzzi, Samantha Clifford, Elaine Fu, Claire Herriington, Caroline Howell, Ella Kennin, Hayley Royal, Regan Schutt, Kaitlyn Ricelli, Veronica Scroggs, Cat Carlin, Hameedha Khan, and Audrey Rollen all achieved the Plata (Silver) Award in the 85-94th percentile.

Lastly (but certainly not the least) were students scoring in the 75th to 84th percentile, winning the Bronce (Bronze) Award. They included Reed Brittman, Hannah Howe, Sammy Ibrahim, Ebenezer Nyenwe, Riya Patel, David Scheinberg, Ryan Bullock, Jun Lee, Jillian Vandergrift, Molly Waugh, Katy Alexander, Madeeha Aziz, Holden Brewer, Megumi Fujii, Kelly Glasgow, Angela Jo, Amber Legenzoff, Hanna Saxon, Miguel Auvert, Naser Amro, Abigail Meyers, Bailey Rose, Jane Yan, and Joy Yang.

All these students demonstrated their exemplary skills in both the written and auditory of the Spanish language, making everyone here at Houston extremely proud.

However, this emocion (excitement) doesn’t stop there for the HHS Spanish program. Nineteen esteemed Spanish students were inducted in Houston’s chapter of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (National Spanish Honor Society) this past April. The requirements to join such a prestigious organization are that the student must be enrolled in Spanish III or higher, have no ISS/OSS or N/U conducts on their high school transcripts, have an A average, and have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

This group including Lara Amro, Naser Amro, Madeeha Aziz, Brooke Blair, Adalyn Boccuzzi, Samantha Clifford, Elaine Fu, Megumi Fuji, Mary Claire Herrington, Caroline Howell, Kes Jackson, Abigail Leitner, Hayley Royal, Z. Gavin Li, Emily Ryu, Taylor Schoggen, Regan Schutt, Josie Steen, and Joy Yang joined ranks with the other twenty seven members, and are excited to continue in their learning of the language.

Congratulations to all the incredible and academically gifted students in the Houston High Spanish Program, reminding us all what a great place GMSD is to learn and be.

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