Kindergarteners prepare for the fall at fun K-Camp

While many students’ GMSD education has recently drawn to a close with graduation, there is a whole new group of students just getting started: our kindergarteners! Since these cute kids are just beginning their academic career, each of our local elementary schools designed and hosted a Kindergarten Camp this past week to help make our newest students’ transition from finger paint to pencils as smooth as possible.

Farmington, Dogwood, and Riverdale each thought it essential to familiarize the rising kindergarteners with the new environment they would soon be frequenting. All three schools began by taking students on tours of the building, teaching playground and school rules, and walking kids through a typical kindergarten schedule. The kids were also introduced to teachers and other students who would join them in the fall.

“I think it really puts their nerves at ease to know what to expect, so that they aren’t bombarded when they go on the first day.” said Riverdale parent Katie Cordell.

However, camp wasn’t all rules and business.

Dogwood principal Theresa Price said, “The fun was the most fabulous part!"

Dogwood involved their kids also with playful parachute games; Farmington had rotating themed rooms with PE, Math, Writing, and Show What You Know; Riverdale had fun summer themed music and arts & crafts. Each school worked uniquely to provide these new members of the GMSD family with a both incredibly fun and beneficial experience.

Farmington Assistant Principal Ashley Brasfield said this of the week’s effect on students, “On the last day, we asked some the students’ favorite memories from camp. They named all the different rooms and activities, but most mentioned how much they loved the teachers and meeting new friends. It was very heartwarming to see that we are starting their educational career with a Farmington is family mindset.”

We are confident that these new kindergarteners, armed with the knowledge, comfort, and fun gained from K-Camp, will grow up to be an incredible aspect of GMSD, and we wish them the best of luck.


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