DES student heads to Washington to represent Tennessee at JDRF Children's Congress

At GMSD, it is our goal to grow our students beyond the confines of the classroom into evoking positive change of their own in the outside world. Embodying this goal is Dogwood student Claire Midha.

Making the local news--you can view her story here:

Claire was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a baby, but instead of living apathetically with the disease, she decided, at a very young age, to work towards its cure. In addition to regularly educating classmates on diabetes, Claire also has raised over $40,000 for research through the local Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s (JDRF) annual walk. However, his July, she is taking both that work and her passion for it to the nation’s capital.

After completing a rigorous application process, Claire was selected from an intensely competitive pool to be one of three delegates from Tennessee on the JDRF Children’s Congress. The JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Children’s Congress is a type one diabetes advocacy program of all children that aims to inform our representatives of what it is like to live with the disease every day.

As a member of the Congress, Claire will travel with other diabetic kids from around the world to Washington D.C. to appeal to Congressmen for the funding of cure research for type 1 diabetes. She will personally share the difficulties of living as a six-year-old with diabetes, from having to miss recess due to blood sugar complications to having to endure painful site and sensor changes, in the hopes of helping achieve a cure.

Her mother, Michelle Midha, said this, “Claire is a great representative because she knows how hard it is to live with type one diabetes and why funding research for a cure is so important. She is a very determined girl and has a great message and a very positive attitude”.

We are so incredibly proud of Claire as she represents both Dogwood and Tennessee in Washington this summer. If you wish to support Claire and her work towards a cure, you can donate to her JDRF Walk team by clicking here.

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