Houston High School opens its doors to the public on February 7th

Germantown Municipal School District invites the Germantown community to tour the facilities and programs at Houston High School.  On February 7th, 2018, the students and teachers at the school will showcase several of the award winning features of a true local treasure.  For three consecutive years, Germantown Municipal Schools has earned the highest ACT average in the state of Tennessee.  Beyond test scores, the student life programming at Houston High School is incredibly diverse and successful in both state and national competitions.  Delving even further into the school culture, there are incredible opportunities for all student interests.    

Discover bright young minds as they explain their STEM projects or demonstrate their cyber security prowess (ethical hacking).  Tour our athletic facilities and learn about how our staff has developed the most successful athletic program in the state.  Try your hand at being a news anchor in our professional television studio, or enjoy performances by our nationally acclaimed band and orchestra programs.  The theater program, which took home several regional awards including Best Production, will preview their spring musical, Curtains, while our top visual arts students speak with guests about their work.  Tour a true 1:1 environment and witness the revolution of the classroom as technology becomes an integral part of student learning.  Experience a high-minded AP seminar capstone class, and see how our students are receiving a college-like education.  

The tour also highlights school and district-wide initiatives, such as work based learning, in which students serve as interns or work at jobs to earn class credit.  Our students with intellectual disabilities are also practicing job skills and will showcase their progress.  The tour provides a wide-angle view of the high school’s course offerings, department by department—showcasing our Health Sciences program and Foreign Languages, among many others.

Tours will take place throughout the day, each with a special focus:

Local Policy Makers & Legislators
Congressmen, Senators, Germantown Aldermen, Commissioners, City Hall Staff
It is vital that our local policy makers understand the value and quality of public education that children are receiving in Germantown.  Explore how Germantown Municipal School District has become one of the most successful school districts in the state.  This tour will provide a personal perspective of how your legislative decisions affect the students’ everyday experience.  Our stakeholders are incredibly involved in our schools—and they are your stakeholders, too. Demonstrate your support of their public schools.

Local Business Leaders
Possible business partners in educational resources, facilities, or opportunities (student internships)
A large focus for our business and community partners for the 2018 school year will be on plugging our alumni into the current school culture.  Tour the programs to find the perfect fit for your organization.

Future Mustang Family Members
This is an opportunity to see current students at work while experiencing the wide range of coursework and amenities offered at Houston High School.

Senior Citizens Go Back to School Tour
Retired citizens who are curious to know what is going on in our schools today and what the vision is for the district in the future
TourGMSD 2018 will take our local senior citizens on a tour of each of our schools, highlighting areas and ways for our retired Germantown residents to volunteer and become involved in the schools.  This tour offers a complimentary breakfast and lunch and focuses on exposing our seniors to the students and the school-level administration.  The tour ends with a behind-the-scenes look at Houston High School.

Register for these tours by visiting our website at bit.ly/tourgmsd2018.
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