Dogwood dances their socks off at 50s themed sock hop

On the 50th day of school, Dogwood Elementary rocked around the clock to celebrate 50s Day.  Students come to school ready to dance on this day each year, wearing poodle skirts and leather jackets.  

To prepare for this, during PE class, the 3rd grade students learned to do the twist, hand-jive, bop, bunny hop, hokey-pokey, and limbo. The sock hop dances were taught in physical education class by teachers Angela Martin and Dana Guntharp. The students work for weeks on mastering their skills to be ready for the event. 


Students then quickly kicked off their shoes to dance around the DES gym in their socks. 

Ms. Angela Martin shared, “This year's sock hop was the best ever. All of the kids dressed up, danced, and laughed. Seeing the kids dance with their parents and get to show them what they have learned was so much fun.” 


In the classroom, students visited the 50s through research. Students design a 50s car on paper and each child brought in a fact about things that were created in the 50s: the credit card, Barbie, McDonald’s, the polio vaccine, and the hula hoop.  This was used to develop a class timeline.  Even recess included things that the kids in the 50s would’ve participated in like hula hooping, Frisbee games, and jump rope.

Student Rhett Stegall said, “The Sock Hop was awesome.  My favorite part was dancing the Hand Jive and then snacking on Coke floats and fries afterwards.”  

This fun day has been a Dogwood tradition for more than 20 years, and we look forward to many more.

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