Cheering on our Girls Volleyball team as they head into semi-finals for the state championship

Winning is not easy, and should never be taken for granted. At some point in every season, a group must make a decision about what type of team they wish to be and how they want the season to end.

Tuesday night at Collierville High School in the Region 8AAA Tournament, Our Volleyball Team choose to be Champions with their seasons (and careers) on the line.

After sweeping the Semi-Finals 3-0, despite a valiant effort by White Station, We set Our sights on the Finals.

A Final that saw Us win the Region Title for the 7th consecutive season.

It was a 5 set match that was nip and tuck the entire night. This was exemplified by the 5th set which finished 15-13.

Seniors Rylie Jane Hern, KaLea Davis and Junior Rekiyah Spears were named to the All Region Tournament Team, while Senior Sarah Fleisher was named Region Tournament MVP.

“Every team has it’s own journey and every team develops at a different pace. When it mattered most…We made winning plays,” said Head Coach Becky Pendleton.

Special to GMSD, an article by HHS senior Abi Crigler

At Houston, there are a variety of sports programs available in everything from football to bowling. Students are constantly encouraged to explore and improve themselves in any and all of these athletic endeavors, however, few programs are as continuously devoted to this progression and success of students as that of the Houston volleyball program. Volleyball coach Becky Pendleton begins pouring into students far earlier than their high school varsity career and works tirelessly to maintain a connected environment of motivated athletes.


Though the fantastic varsity volleyball team is most frequently highlighted, the Houston program also includes a junior varsity and freshmen team, as well as three middle school teams. This year, thirty-six sixth grade girls participated on a developmental team and were instructed in the fundamentals of the game, and several proceeded to continue on to year-round teams afterwards. The seventh graders involved worked on a team of their own to further perfect these skills, and the eighth grade team found success as undefeated champions of their division.

“It gives the girls a competitive atmosphere and good social environment for them to grown and improve in,“ said Pendleton of the community created through spiking and setting at the middle school.

This program, spearheaded by Pendleton in addition to the high school teams, lays the foundation for future mustang triumph as these middle schoolers are taught and grown into future superstars.

This devoted coaching and programming continues as these young women later adorn the bright pink jerseys trademark of the varsity team and are pushed even harder towards greatness. With 10 regional and 10 district championships under their belts, the varsity team is one that never settles for subpar. Having had over 25 girls go on to play collegiate volleyball and over 500 coaching wins, Pendleton promotes this team’s pursuit of athletic character and perfection with even more rigor. She, with her immeasurably devoted team, has refused to allow five player injuries this season stand in the way of their efforts and winning. These girls are no stranger to challenge and are constantly preparing and improving upon themselves and their game.

Houston volleyball begins cultivating a passion and unified community in athletes at a young age, and that special attention still happening today makes all the difference as they pursue excellence in high school. We are proud to have dedicated coaches like Becky Pendleton who are willing to build players from the ground up and push them in their potential, and amazing girls constantly striving towards perfection.
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