Crazy Chemist Day provides explosive fun for fifth graders at Dogwood Elementary

The end of October brings out the crazy chemists inside all of Dogwood Elementary’s 5th graders. This day is meant to encourage scientific curiosity and excitement.  Students spent time experimenting and investigating different areas of science from chemical reactions to sound waves.

Students were launching army men and measuring and competing to get the farthest and highest distances. They created sounds using vibrations similar to how a sounding boards work. Students even got their hands dirty with chemical reactions by creating slime and oobleck. Student, Colby Shelton said, “My favorite thing was the exploding Coke Fountain.  Four people at a time would add ten Mentos in their soda bottle and then the reactions happened”.  This was the most popular station.

The kids had a great time acting as mad scientists! Parent, Karen LaGasse said, “The parents enjoyed it just as much as the kids.” Crazy Chemist Day is always a sticky, goopy, messy good time that encourages students to have fun with science.
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