Parent Feature: Volunteer track coach extraordinaire Stacey Schwarzmann

Though we at GMSD frequently boast about our exceptional educators, dedicated athletes, and gifted artists, there is another group playing a role equally vital in the success of our school district: parents. Without the involvement of our passionate parents, so much of what makes GMSD a wonderful place to learn and grow would be lost. For an example of this impact made possible by our fantastic parents, one needn’t look any further than that of Stacey Schwarzmann, a volunteer cross country coach and parent at Dogwood Elementary. 

Stacey Schwarzmann began to involve herself with the Dogwood running program, headed up by DES teachers Linda Frederick and Cassidy Van Voorst, about two years ago, and has worked non-stop for the programs betterment ever since. A graduate of Houston High School and its running program, Schwarzmann has been a longtime athlete, even attending college on a running-related scholarship, and was beyond generous in lending this expertise to the Dogwood team. She puts in more than ten hours weekly organizing practices, provides snacks and team-building banquets, encourages student involvement in community runs, and is the reason Dogwood participates in the MYA program, apart of which the boys team recently won ninth at the national level. 




Even beyond all this, Schwarzmann makes a point to not only coach and plan logistics for the team, but also individually support each kid in their running endeavors and encourage this special kind of camaraderie within the group. She even traveled all the way to Westchester, Ohio on her own dime in order to support her runners in the national competition. Schwarzmann does all of this in addition to being a mother of two, full-time HR director, and Girl Scout Troop Leader.

“She is just phenomenal,” says Dogwood parent Jessica Turner in regards to Schwarzmann's dedication to the program, “She has this great attitude where she will run a half marathon and turn around and organize a practice for the team, all for nothing but love for the kids. DES is so lucky to have her, and the program would not be what it is now without her. We are blessed with these dedicated kids, but that dedication doesn’t happen without dedicated, compassionate people leading. I am blown away and in awe of her commitment to these kids and this program.”

Stacey Schwarzmann is truly a remarkable parent and coach, and we are so fortunate to have her involved in our students’ lives. Thank you so much.

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