Dogwood Elementary celebrates Farm Day

Germantown, Tennessee--November 29, 2018--Dogwood’s kindergarten really grew the knowledge of students with their study of Wit and Wisdom, Once Upon a Farm.  Students learned about farm animals, how farm animals help people in different ways, and how both farms and animals change with the seasons. They also read fictional text based on farms to learn about story elements: characters, setting, problem and resolutions. At the end of the study, these emerging writers, were prepared to complete a complex challenge of writing their own narratives with logical sequence of events, characters, setting, problem, and resolution. “It was exciting to see the farm come alive in kindergarten!” said Mrs. Bononno. 

The creative DES kindergarten teachers made this study a true emersion experience by offering students related experiences to see what they had learned about in the texts.  First, students got to go on a field trip to Menagerie Farms. Student Lily Altomar said, “ My favorite thing was going to the farm.  I rode a pony, played on the playground, and fed 4 goats!  The goats leaned over the fence to eat!”  Dogwood even hosted a special Farm Day at school. Students dressed as farmers, had a farm breakfast, and they even got to make bread and butter from scratch in the classroom.  The activities enhanced the students’ knowledge of farms.  

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