Dr. Detlef Heck explores the human brain with Houston Middle School students

Germantown, Tennessee--November 5, 2018--Dr. Detlef Heck, an associate professor for the University of Tenneesee's Health Science Center Neuroscience Institute, has become a routine a guest speaker at Houston Middle School.   Dr. Heck conducts research on the human brain, better described on UTHSC as, " research on the structure and function of the cerebellar cortical network, cerebro-cerebellar interaction, neuronal mechanisms of motor control, dynamics of neuronal communication during behavior".
Each year science students are totally mesmerized by his presentation.  His work is fascinating, but the main event is the human brain itself.  Dr. Heck brings a specimen each year.  Students are treated to an overview of his research are given the opportunity to ask questions about the brain and neuroscience.  Most importantly, though, they are given the opportunity to touch an actual human brain.
Students from Mrs. Harlow’s class not only had the opportunity to ask questions about the human brain but had the opportunity to touch the human brain. 

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