What do eleven teachers at HMS have in common?

Germantown, Tennessee--October 1, 2018-- Well, the correct answer is that they all teach 6th graders, but they are also all male! This makes for an incredible and unique opporunity for our students! Male role models have positive impacts on middle schoolers and is a win-win for everyone!
Now, would it be possible for a student at Houston Middle School to have all male teachers? From left to right, we have Mr. Weaver, Mr. Britt, Mr. McKelvy, Mr. Haynes, Mr. Cook, Mr. Day, Mr. Nannie, Dr. Kang, Mr. Moses, Mr. DePina, and last but not least Mr. Nesvick. Mr. Weaver and Mr. Britt teach Social Studies, Mr. Britt and Mr. DePina teach English Language Arts, Mr. McKelvy teaches Science, Mr. Haynes teaches Math, Mr. Cook and Mr. Day teach Physical Education, Mr. Nannie co-teaches English Language Arts and math, Dr. Kang teaches Orchestra, Mr. Moses teaches choir, and Mr. Nesvick teaches band. With the core four subjects along with some electives being covered, this makes it possible to have a 6th grade schedule made of entriely male teachers!
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