After reading over 700,000 minutes this summer and hosting a book fair, it's another banner week in the library at Farmington Elementary School

Germantown, Tennessee--October 4, 2018-- It's Farmington Elementary School's annual book fair this week, which comes on the coat tails of some summer reading good news.  Over the summer, Farmington students participated in Scholastic’s Reading Challenge.  Over the course of four months students logged their reading minutes. Farmington Elementary had 318 students participate with 38 of them logging over 2,500 minutes!  The results are listed at the bottom of this article.

This is the very first year the school has participated and they were delighted to discover that their students finished #2 in Tennessee and #36 in the nation for the total number of reading minutes logged during the Summer Reading Challenge with 701,060 minutes. "The best part of all of this was that I saw a significant change in the reading levels when the students returned from the summer break," said FES Librarian Jennifer Mock.
Today, the students and teachers are dressed up according to the book fair's theme, Enchanted Forest.  Students dress as their favorite book characters to celebrate a lifetime love of reading, while staff engaged in fairy tale themed costuming. Event organizer and volunteer, Krista Antonuk says, "I'm truly looking forward to see the kids come in here and get excited about reading".  This is her second year as the chairman of the book fair committee and she is looking forward to more.  This year, the library is also raising funds to purchase new books with a unique Dragons vs. Unicorns theme.  Scholastic plans to match all raised funds.
There were some truly clever costumes found all over the campus:

Back to those amazing summer readers at Farmington...
1st Grade:
1st-Victoria Britson 2nd-Saira Qazi 3rd- Somei Tozuka
2nd Grade:
1st-David Gish 2nd-Cole Antonuk 3rd- Ellie Jee
3rd Grade:
1st- Ben Cathey 2nd- Ashrit Somishetty 
3rd- Brennan Antonuk
4th Grade:
1st- Maanya Reddy 2nd-Wendy Ouyang 3rd- Elliott Liles
5th Grade:
1st- Giovanna Porada 2nd- Jack Chow 3rd- Rose Ouyang
Our schoolwide winner was: 
Giovanna Porada with 22,705 reading minutes logged!  

Giovanna's secret to success: reading in the car while on family road trips! 
Tips from our other top students included: having a set daily reading time, regular trips to the public library, and finding a good series. 
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