Sophia Overstreet Proceeds to National Spelling Bee!

Sophia Overstreet Proceeds to National Spelling Bee!

By Izzy Seay

Germantown, Tennessee – February 21, 2019 - On February 9th, 2019, Sophia Overstreet- an 8th-grade student at Riverdale Elementary School- stepped up to the microphone. Sophia spelled against 51 others over the course of 15 rounds. In the end, she came out on top as the Shelby County Spelling Bee champion for 2019.

For years, Sophia has loved to spell. She has participated in school spelling bees since 4th grade, scoring impressive victories for her age. In her 5th grade year, Sophia placed fourth in the Shelby County Spelling Bee, which was when Sophia decided to commit to the spelling bee. In sixth grade, Sophia won an iPad Mini after placing 9th in the Shelby County Spelling Bee.

Sophia studies hard with her words, usually for weeks before the spelling bee begins. Her hard work and dedication to the spelling bee show that her victory was well-earned and deserved. Sophia’s winning word was “accusatory,” after she successfully spelled “proximal.” Sophia is ecstatic about winning and hopes she will do well in nationals.

“I was terrified! Everyone was so amazing. It almost felt like a dream. Like, I knew the word, so I just had to make sure I didn’t mess it up. I mean, this has been my dream for like, four years,” Sophia explained. “I’m committing two hours every day to study, and six on weekends.” When asked what she saw happening, Sophia replied, “I don’t think I’ll win, but my goal is to get into the top forty. I’m so excited about this amazing opportunity.”

When Sophia's Riverdale Spelling Bee Coordinator for 5th-7th grades heard she won, Mrs. Steward said, "Gah!!! I’m almost in tears. I wish I had been there!! She’s been trying since she was in 5th grade and I knew this was her last chance. Last year, I told her that this would be her year. I’m so glad she didn’t give up. I’m so happy for her!"

Sophia will proceed to the Scripps National Spelling Bee, where she will participate in a few preliminary tests before the Primetime Finals on May 30th, 2019. Competing in the National Spelling Bee has been a dream for Sophia for years, and all of GMSD is rooting for her as she goes forward to Washington D.C.!
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