Meet some of the National Women & Information Technology Award Winners and learn how they are putting some girl power into STEM

Germantown, Tennessee--February 4, 2019--In a computer science lab, three young women sit with their teacher Leslie Brommer.  It was announced last week that Brommer is being awarded NCWIT's 2019 Aspirations in Computing Educator Award for being the West-Tennessee Afilliate of the National Center for Women & Information Technology. This prestigious educator award is given to women who have demonstrated a commitment to encouraging young women's aspirations in computing.  
Back in the classroom, around the table, she asked the girls some thought provoking questions such as "why do you think more girls don't go on to take the highest level math classes here?".  Laughter breaks out and then a very serious Calculus III student, Elaine Fu, offers up that she thinks they need more exposure in the earlier grade levels.  "Which is why I helped to found the organization MIG, to hep excite girls about higher level math," she said more seriously.  Elaine has secured a national honorable mention from NCWIT last week as well.
Around the table joining Elaine are three of Houston's computing female heavy weights.  Lauren Gunter, winner of the Samsung App Challenge, has just been announced as the winner of NCWIT'S West Tennessee Regional Award.  Lauren was quick to give props to Ms. Brommer and added, "I was introduced to Computer Science through the AP Computer Science Principles class. It helped build a foundation for me in computer science concepts as well as programming. I then moved into AP Computer Science where we expanded upon computer science concepts and programming. I also learned a lot from my four years of STEM classes".
Cady Baltz, a repeat winner, was also named this year as a a winner of NCWIT'S National Honorable Mention award.  "I am active in Cyberpatriots, AP Computer Science, and I am currently an intern at an app development startup. Because I also won last year (NCWIT 2018) I was able to get my internship with an app startup," said Baltz.
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