110 GMSD band students are selected to participate in the All-West Concert Series

Germantown, Tennessee--January 28, 2019--Each year, the music education associations of West Tennessee put on a large-scale, professional-quality performance to showcase all of the great things that are happening involving music education in West Tennessee.  We call this fantastic program All-West for short. Only the most talented and rehearsed players are selected to participate in these prestigious honor bands and have the opportunity to work with guest conductors of great skill and recognition.  
Congratulations to the students who were selected as the best of the best in the region.  
Cindy Liu
George Liu
Mario Ornelas
Rory Large
Hudson Beard

Sarah D’Souza
Yuka Yang
Wesley Lim
Claire Rya
Jenna Cho
Ava Chambers
Elaine Ulmer
Patrick Flaherty
James Kwak
Vincent Yao
Chandi Karuhatty
Ella Jaggar
Lila Borgsmiller
Andrew Hofman
Hank Fleming
Hazel-Grace Plunk
Aubrey Baird
Kate Boston
John Thomas
Drew Hardin
Eric Xie
Joshua McKenna
Emma Tunnell
Skyler Plunk
Karishma Jeevan
Lucas Lumsden
Nishant Mehna
Alan Cheng
Claire Enemark
Smayan Sompalli
Upi Shanker
Walker Herrington
Drew Coffey
Clare Archbold

Numair Ahmed
Max Arnold
Megan Aronson
Miguel Auvert
Abigail Ayers
Dane Banderbob
Aaron Bardos
Steve Belles
Charlie Borgsmiller
Charles Boyd
Sam Cai
Colin Cantwell
Martin Carodine
Avery Carrico
Andrew Carter
Maya Chambers
Sophia Cheng
Jason Clifford
Samantha Clifford
Morgan Dorsey
Kyle Duke
Tess Enemark
Adam Eoff
Nicole Fan
Luke Ferguson
Virginia Folse
Elliott Frankel
Megumi Fujii
Avani Garde
Major Glenn
Kylan Hebron
Nikita Iyer
Amy Jackson
Neil Jeevan
Alex Jin
Ronak Karuhatty
Ashley Kim
Jaime Kim
Alexander Leschhorn
Amy Li
Sam Lumsden
Thomas Morse
Edwin Morse
Andrew Morse
Syndey Morton
Maria Ornelas
Olulabomi Osikoya
Megha Parikh
Roshan Parikh
Slyvan Paul
Amelia Pi
Anissa Pokorny-Yadav
Kevin Prasse
Hari Rajadurai
Cooper Reed
Jayden Robins
James Sowell
Will Steen
Nathan Terry
Daniel Uh
Abbey Woeller
Ashley Yan
Sean Yang

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