HR's hot cocoa heart warms district teachers

As students returned to school last week, a much less welcome guest joined them: the cold. However, students only had to endure this frigid weather from car to school door, while our teachers were forced to brave the chilliness for quite a bit longer to complete their morning duties and ensure that all their students made it to class safely. As a token of appreciation, GMSD’s Human Resources Department prepared a special surprise to meet these faculty members once inside that would warm both their hearts and stomachs.

Through a generous partnership with Aramark, GMSD was able to provide every faculty member and crossing guard working in the frigid morning air with a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Teachers could enjoy their beverage while on duty or make a special “hot cocoa float” with icecream in the teacher’s lounge.

“It was the least we could do for these teachers going above and beyond and braving the freezing temperatures,” said Mrs. Elissa Stratton, the director of Human Resources.

We at GMSD are so lucky to have faculty willing to bundle up for the safety and care of our students, as well as district employees who acknowledge and deeply appreciate this level of dedication. Great work to all.

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