Betsy Landers is voted in as School Board Chairman on December 18

December 18th, 2017--Germantown, Tennessee--Betsy Landers is voted in as the new Chairman of the Germantown Municipal School Board of Education during the December 2017
meeting.  Linda Fisher, rolling off as Chairman, will now assume the role of Vice Chairman.  
Landers comes to our district equipped with a very impressive resume. Her tenure as the President of the National PTA was preceded by several years of service to children in Germantown, Shelby County, the State of Tennessee –and lastly, the entire nation.

From the moment she joined her first PTA in 1989, Landers’ dedication to education has been unwavering. When she encountered challenges with her first PTA experience, she stayed with the group to ensure future volunteers had a better experience. Twice she helped form a parent organization at schools her children attended when there was an absence of an organization. She took on increasing responsibilities for Shelby County Council PTA, and the Tennessee PTA. Her goal was to help foster a widespread culture of excellence throughout the county and the state. 

As Tennessee PTA State President, Landers led the organization in collaborating with the State Board of Education and several legislators to write what would become the Parent Involvement Act, a Tennessee law that mandates all school districts to have a written parent involvement policy. In 2002, was named one of the "50 Women Who Make a Difference" by Memphis Women’s Magazine, and in 2004, she was honored with the Shelby County Schools Board of Education Community Service Award.

Most recently, she has occupied the pro bono position of “Parliamentarian” for our current GMSD School Board. As Parliamentarian, Landers oversaw the use of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised (a code of conduct for the business of board meetings) and assisting the board chair to resolve conflicts during the meeting if any were to arise. Her experience in board proceedings comes from a long list of board positions and affiliations she’s held—ranging from the National Emergency Medical Services to Children, to the Coalition for Tennessee’s Future.

In addition to a strong belief in parent involvement, Landers has a special devotion to children’s safety. She has dedicated time to the National Emergency Medical Services to Children (EMSC) Partnership for Children Stakeholder Group, the Tennessee EMSC Foundation, the Committee on Pediatric Emergency Care, and the Trauma Care Advisory Committee of Tennessee.

She and her husband Ben G. Landers have three children—Benton (Courtney), Nicholas, and Mary Frances (Martin), and one grandson, Tripp. They live in Germantown, Tennessee.
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