DES students take educational field trip to the Civil Rights Museum

Dogwood’s gifted classes recently took their annual field trip to the National Civil Rights Museum.  This museum is wonderful resource for our city, bringing history alive for students, and does an excellent job of educating visitors on the struggles of our country to recognize equality for all.  This year marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, so it was a poignant time to take this field trip. 


Thanks to the efforts of teachers, Julie Williams and Diann Belote, the DES students were very prepared for this visit.  They had read and analyzed the "I Have a Dream" speech and discussed its symbolism and persuasive techniques. Students also read The Cay by Theodore Taylor and discussed the novel in meetings of literary groups. Themes of prejudice and racism were explored as they examined the concept of change as it related to the characters in the novel. In addition to these works, students analyzed various articles concerning civil rights and the Civil Rights Movement.  


Ms. Dory Lerner, the educational director at the museum visited Dogwood to help prepare students for their visit.  After the field trip, the students participated in discussions with Ms. Lerner to discuss observations, feelings, and ask questions.  Upon returning to school, students considered the different perspectives presented in the displays and interpreted meaning and themes. Mrs. Belote said, “ Our students had very insightful and thoughtful questions and comments.  I think they showed maturity and understanding.”

We are so glad our students were able to have such an enlightening and educational expereince while exploring this fantastic local museum.

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