RES Family and Alumni Festival and Auction
Starting 11/2/2019
Event Groups:
• Germantown Municipal School District - District Events
SAVE THE DATE for our 50th Anniversary Riverdale Festival and Auction on Saturday, November 2, 2019!  Plan your alumni celebration around this weekend and make it extra special.  We will have fun activities for all ages, food trucks, live music, and a memory wall among other things.

We want to compile the 50 year history of Riverdale: Please post your memories/pictures to the alumni FB page or email to: [email protected].

If anyone has cool old vintage t-shirts, theatre or event posters, or newspaper clips please send pics of these items our way!

Use this FB page to coordinate special events with your classmates from Riverdale!  Let us know where you will be meeting up.

Riverdale School
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