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Students at Farmington Elementary gather before school to stock socks for the homeless
Germantown, Tennessee--November 13, 2019--A small crowd of Farmington students gather around a stockpile of socks in Mrs. Kelly Rhodes classroom.  They are members of the K-Kids Club, aimed at performing community service and assisted by adults in the Germantown Kiwanis Club.  They have created Stocked Socks; a single sock that holds its mate as well some toiletries.  These socks will be handed out to the less fortunate in the Memphis area by a local non-profit organization.

“Today, we are filling socks with soaps, razor, shampoos, lotion, and first aid kits,” said K-Kids Treasurer Owen Coffey.  “The winter is coming and we want to make something special for the homeless,” added K-Kids President Tucker Gilbert.  “It feels good to do something nice for them—and these supplies are very basic.” he continued.
The K-Kids meets once a month before school.  Next month, a representative from the non-profit who will be handing out their Stocked Socks will deliver a report and show some pictures of the sock recipients.  

“We want to share service learning with our students in a way they can experience helping others,” said club sponsor Kelly Rhodes.