11/16 - 11/29

November 16th - November 29th

Grizzlies meet the Dolphins
On November 19th, The Dogwood Dolphins took center stage at the Grizzlies game. Watch a video of their stellar choir performing during the game.
The Houston High School Band celebrates 25 years of excellence 
Read this Commercial Appeal article that details a fine look back at a program and a leader that continue to go above and beyond.  And, don't miss your chance to watch the band perform in the Germantown Christmas Parade on December 12th.
Barry Wolverton, author of Neversink and The Vanishing Island, stopped by Mr. Trenthem’s Language Arts class at Houston Middle School.
Students learned about the writing process and found it interesting that it was his love of maps that inspired him to write his latest book. The 8th graders were heavily engaged in the discussion and one student mentioned how cool it was to, “meet an author who got to design his own world because I am such a fan of the fantasy genre.”
GMSD sent the following teachers to NCTM Regionals in Nashville
Germantown Municipal Schools prides itself on developing its staff as national leaders on all fronts.  Last week, the District was thrilled to send our best and brightest math teachers to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Regional Conference where the participants were treated to high quality professional development.  Missy Abel, GMSD Curriculum Coordinator noted that teachers were able to walk away with free and engaging activities for their students.  They also took stopped by the photo booth!  To see the photo booth pictures of the other participants, click here.

Conference Going Math Teacher All-Star Lineup
Amy Brownlee – Dogwood K-5
Anna Brignole – Farmington K-5
Mary Loyd – Riverdale K-5
Jennifer Ledford - Houston Middle 6-8
Michelle Dlabaj – Riverdale 6-8
Beth York - Riverdale Math Interventionist
Bayram Demirbuga - Houston High Math Interventionist
Shelby Kenney - Houston High 9-12
Roya Alizedegan – Houston High Algebra 2 SPED Co-teacher
Katie Carter - Houston High Algebra 1 SPED Co-teacher
Honoring Officer Mike
Last week, people driving by an elementary school parking lot full of law enforcement vehicles could have been alarmed. But, there were no emergencies—just a very special event.
At Farmington Elementary, the administration organized a very special Cop Stop breakfast to honor the Germantown Police Department officers. Shown here, Principal Zac Percoski flips pancakes for the visitors while Assistant Principal Ashley Brasfield welcomes them into the building.

As the officers enjoyed a large breakfast buffet they were greeted and admired by children with thank you cards.

And also, handshakes and a few hugs.

Fox News13 covered the event. You can watch the very touching video here.  This tiny student had some very sweet things to say about her favorite SRO, Officer Mike Maggipinto.

Emily Butler arranges Saturday November 22nd as Official Allie Allen Day in Germantown
Emily Butler is a senior at Houston High School with a big heart and a mind to bring awareness to the good works being completed at St. Jude Children’s Hospital.
Earlier this year she sat down to meetings with both the Mayor of Germantown and the Mayor of Memphis. In both meetings, she made her intention for declaring a day for classmate Allie Allen known. “When my grandmother passed away the town we were living in at the time declared an official day for her. It meant so much to my mother and to our family—it was special,” explains Butler on where she got the idea.

In the case of Allen, however, Butler hopes that her official day will inspire her friend to fight the cancer even harder, “knowing how much we love and care for her can make a difference,” she continues. To add some excitement to the announcement of the Official Allie Allen day, Butler arranged several free tickets to the Grizzlies game the preceding Friday evening. “The people from the Grizzlies were amazing! With all of the tickets I was able to invite Allie’s friends,” Butler beamed. Surrounded by friends Allie was surprised at half time on the court by Z-Bo, city officials, and Butler. See the exciting video here.

ABC News 24 was impressed with the initiative that Butler displayed and celebrated her as their “Cool Kid” of the week. When being interviewed, Butler continued to repeat that Allie was really the cool kid and not her. The segment had to be held back a week (airing the following Friday) due to the nature of secrecy before the big reveal of Allie Allen day at the game. Click here to watch her “Cool Kid” profile.
Allie Allen continues to gain national attention for the children at St. Jude
Watch here as she was a featured guest on the Today Show last week. 

Community Turkeys go viral
First grade teacher Sue Lynn was planning her lessons as usual—and was looking for a way to spice up her “Community Turkey” project in which students decorate a turkey cutout to resemble a community helper. Always a favorite project for her students, they also write an accompanying paragraph. She consulted with her CTT, Ashley Smith for a way to make the turkeys digital. Smith introduced her to ChatterPix, a free app that animates children’s drawings. The effect is simple, but strong. Check out these animated turkeys by clicking here.

Wanted: A GMSD Teacher Resource Center
A laminator, a poster maker, and other very useful albeit expensive items are needed to complete (and anchor) the creation of our Teacher Resource Center. When a part of the larger school system, our teachers had access to a resource center—which could significantly reduce the strain of extra costs to the teachers who go above and beyond by making their own teaching materials. It also gives teachers the opportunity to personalize and most importantly differentiate their own materials. If there are community members or businesses that are willing to financially support the purchase of one of these items, they are encouraged to email Kate Crowder.

Another way to help is by participating in our GMSD spirit wear fundraiser. Order anything from the website and know that a substantial portion of your purchase goes directly towards the Resource Center. If you aren’t in the market to purchase any spirit wear, consider sharing the link with your friends and neighbors. Every little bit counts!  Click here for the link.

Team Up For Math—and join GMSD for a night of numbers
Rockstar math teachers across the District are busy preparing for Thursday’s Math Night. Parents of any child K-8 will be able to take part in a grade level appropriate math lesson, with the joint goal of giving our community more insight into the recent adoption of both Eureka Math and Springboard. Please come support the District and your fellow teachers by attending and showing support.  Click here for more information.

It’s a Wrap On Another Successful Play at Farmington
When Falcon Footlights, a school sponsored theater program that serves Farmington, Dogwood, and Houston Middle School, set out to do the Lion King Jr. they knew they were taking on a heavy load. The musical is designed to have a large cast, several costume changes, and giant icon puppets and props. After what must have been hours of intensive volunteer labor, the Footlights were able to pull off something amazing. They performed to five completely sold-out audiences over the weekend. To understand what is meant by “labor intensive”, check out these photographs of their costumes.
December’s Spotlight on Excellence—Girl Power, Athletics, and HHS Choir
This month’s Students in the Spotlight features representatives from our three Houston High athletics teams who have recently captured state championship titles. Jayna Choi, Gabby Little, and Michelle Myers are all featured in a high octane interview with Mr. Manuel.
To give more gravity to the recent success of the Athletics department, Coach Chad Becker who serves as the Director of Athletics also joins in on the conversation about state championships. Later in the show, Dr. Billy Rayburn is profiled as he talks about the choral program at Houston High School. Click here to watch the show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYGmUwYheRY

In our next installment, we will be featuring a young student who is lovingly guiding a seeing eye dog in training through her fourth grade classes at Dogwood, profiling Riverdale teacher Jessica Minton, and celebrating 25 glorious years of the Houston Band. If you have ideas for any of our future shows, please contact Kate Crowder. [email protected]
Dodge This!
Houston Middle School hosted their annual Dodge ball tournament. Boys and girls from all grade levels formed teams of 6 to compete for the championship. In addition to being crowned champions, the winning team faced up against the mystery team and got to hurl balls at blazing speeds towards teachers, administrators and district office staff.
GMSD Strings Program dominates All-West this year
Orchestra students across Tennessee annually compete to become a member of the All-West and All-State groups. This year, 30 GMSD orchestra students made it to All-West and 10 of them made the 2016 All-State Orchestra. A job well done to those students as well as to our dedicated strings teachers, Mr. Long Long Kang and Mr. Steven Short.

2016 All-West Senior Orchestra
Jeffrey Dong*
Keita Inaba
Hannah Liang*
Pei Lin
Maddie Lindemann*
Cameron Smaw
Nicholas Dely
Fefe Osarogiabon
Bailey Price
Jasmine Rhee*
Shannon Sharp

2016 All-West 9-10 Orchestra
Samuel Alkema*
Lonnie Easley*
Alex Liu
Grant Robison
Adam Kim*
Mary Park*
Charles Parker*
Ruby Rhee
Bailey Rose
Jonathan Wang
Vincent Wang*
*Also made the 2016 All-State Orchestra.

All-West Junior Orchestra
Mark Dely
Brighton Fan
Gian Magnini
Jean Shin
Megan Wisniewski
Ayaka Kimura
Yuka Kimura
Joseph Park
Treat Your Ears to the Holiday Sounds of our GMSD Winter Concert Series
We have incredibly talented students who are performing all over town this winter. Don’t miss out on the many opportunities to see some of these festive performances.
Houston High School Choir Concerts

December 8, 2015 Houston High School Masterworks Concert at St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral. The Cathedral is located at 700 Poplar Ave., Memphis, TN 38105. The Masterworks Concert is entitled "An English Holiday." The concert begins at 7:00 pm and an admission will be charged. The choirs will be performing with members of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra.

December 10, 2015 GMSD Combined Holiday Concert at HighPoint Church located at 6000 Briarcrest Ave., Memphis, TN 38120. The concert will feature choirs from Riverdale Middle School, Houston Middle School, and Houston High School. A small reception will be offered prior to the 6:30 pm concert. An admission will be charged. In addition, the HHS a cappella ensembles, fifth measure and Dolce Bella, will release their premier EP, entitled 38/39. Cost for the EP will be $10.00.
December 15, 2015 Houston High School's a cappella ensembles, fifth measure and Dolce Bella, will present their Holiday Concert, An A cappella Holiday, at 7:00 pm. The concert will begin at 7:00 pm and will be held in the Houston High School Auditorium at 9755 Wolf River Blvd., Germantown, TN, 38139. An admission will be charged for this concert.

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