9/14 -9/18

September 14th - September 18th

Jayna Choi, a freshman at Houston High School, headed to France to compete in the 2015 Evian Championship Junior Cup in France. Already named the #1 golfer in Tennessee by Polo Golf, Choi enjoyed coverage on all of the local news channels. She was chosen to represent America and enjoyed a spot on Team USA. Read more about Choi in this week’s Student Spotlight.
Jayna Choi celebrates another successful tournament as she competes for Team USA in France.
The Falcons 5K Club is off to great start this year as well. Both the boys and girls teams took 1st place at the Munford Invitational over the weekend. Mario Aviles, their coach and sponsor says, “I couldn’t be prouder of these boys and girls. They trained hard and deserved the top prize.”
One down and four to go! The School-Level School Start Time Committees had their first meeting last week at Riverdale Elementary School. Ever a reminder of the ease of local control—school board members, central office staff, school level administration, teachers, parents, and community members discussed issues and participated in activities in an open forum. It’s not too late to become a part of the conversation. Sign up for a committee by clicking here.

The Houston High School Girl’s Soccer Team rallied around Allie Allen at their Wednesday night soccer game. Allen, diagnosed with cancer, was gifted all of the proceeds of the game. The fans in the crowd wore purple, Allen’s favorite color, in support of the student and her family. Inspired by Mary Ann Malone, a member of the girl’s soccer team, the girls plan to continue support of Allen as the school year continues. Check out Allen’s blog, Dancer With Cancer or read more about Malone who was behind the event.

Allie Allen (left) and Mary Ann Malone (right)
Over at central office, a team of Houston Middle staff organized another off-the-wall community service project. Just the sort of beloved antics GMSD has come to love of its administration—the HMS team has a gem on its hands.
They have started a service called "Random Acts of Cake Kindness" (RACK).
They plan to make 5 special cakes—which will be used to surprise someone. Students, parents, teachers, and district office staff are all fair game for receiving the cake. They will be “RACKed". The intention of the surprise cake is show appreciation and gratitude. “We hope to provide a little stress relief for some special people,” says Principal Liz Dias.
One of their first victims was Superintendent Jason Manuel. In addition to the surprise cake and the clapping crowd, they also took time to stealthily decorate his office with words of encouragement and kindness. The fun continued on Facebook, as teachers, parents, and community members continued to add words of kindness.

Words the describe Superintendent Jason Manuel:  Reliable, Positive, Trustworthy, Cheerful, 'Supergreat', Amiable, Faithful, Wise, Gracious, Humble, Intentional, Caring, Fun, Tenacious, Kind, Upbeat, Goofy, Professional, Personable, and Diplomatic.

On the subject of fun-loving and creative administrative teams, Riverdale hosted its own unique event last week. In honor of their top City Saver sellers, who raised an astounding amount of money for the school, Riverdale Assistant Principals and faculty battled it out at lunch in a lip sync battle for the ages. Each top selling student was given the privilege of choosing the songs to be performed by each team. Pam White and Chris Manguso brought the house down with their rendition of Katy Perry’s Roar, while Michelle Bardos, Kerry Wilson, and Katie Morgan performed Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. Also making a special appearance for the occasion was Sir Mix A Lot Raider!  Watch the video by clicking here.

As Thursday wound down for students, parents and teachers across the District prepared for the first annual Parent Teacher Conferences. At many schools, parent teacher organizations know how this can make for a long day and accordingly set up snacks and refreshments in faculty lounges across GMSD. Seen here, the Houston High School PTSA serves popcorn and other treats to teachers as they prepare for the big night.

While others students were sleeping in, the HHS Honors Academy juniors attended school to take a mock PSAT. Now that’s dedication.

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