ACT Resources

ACT Resources

ACTPrep for College-Bound Students:
ACT resources by
Click HERE for the guide
ACT AT-A-Glance:
This document contains a quick summary of the format of the test itself.
Use your EXPLORE and PLAN results to begin preparing for the ACT:
This document shows side-by-side comparison of the format of EXPLORE, PLAN, and ACT.  Since 8th graders and sophomores have recent EXPLORE and PLAN scores/data, these tables help them see the similarities to begin preparing for the ACT.
ACT College Readiness Benchmarks:
Here are the benchmarks and which sections students have met/not met the indicator for college success. 
Using your ACT Results:
This document contains a good breakdown for students and parents on how to use results

ACT Test Booklet and Answers Order form:
Students can order their test booklet and answers from the national December, April, or June test in order to identify and to reflect on areas that need further review. If students did not request it when they registered to take it, they can request it afterwards with this form.
(Scroll down to “Test Information Release Form”)
ACT Tips from Houston High Students
ACT Student Tips

Average ACT Scores for Admission to Area Colleges: 
Internet Resources for ACT Preparation:
On line practice, FREE. This is through THE ACT organization.
2 math tests, 6 reading, 4 English, 1 science
On line practice
Click Test Prep
Choose Practice exams
SAT, GRE or ACT prep game

Zero Hour Threat game  (google it)
ACT and SAT prep

Learning Express Library Tests
ACT section by section, quizzes
Create an account and track your improvement

Peterson’s ACT Practice Test
Registration required
Full-length test with timer and pause feature. Test is automatically scored. 

Kaplan Free ACT Resources

1 full test and custom quizzes with 370 questions
registration required – may have delayed log in

Princeton Review Free Practice ACT

1 full test, 1 math quiz. Quick registration! It’s FREE
Good online practice test questions and a review of the test itself.

Pick a skill and take online quizzes. All answers explained. Fun graphics.
Online, 1 practice test per field.

Excellent free study guide.

View text-based website