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August 7th - August 24th

The Recap

August 7th - August 24th

Leading the news this week…
District Wide BLACK OUT (the good kind) takes place this Friday Night
Unlike the power outages we have had as of late here in Germantown, this Friday is the good kind of black-out. The Houston Mustangs will be taking on the Germantown Red Devils in the first home football game of the season and want to get the entire GMSD family in on the action. Read about the game and its amenities by clicking here.
Farmington Elementary’s Rebekah Laurenzi is named the Tennessee Art Teacher of the Year
Our team spent some time in her classes to learn more about Tennessee’s top art educator—read here about our experience, her best practices, and about her big art opening as a professional artist in September. Click here to read the full article. 
Special eclipse programming in the schools captivates audiences of all ages
The last eclipse was in 1970’s, and most adults can remember taking time from their regular day to view it as a child. In anticipation of what will be a special day in the memory of our school children, GMSD teachers worked hard to create a special day for their students. Click here for an overview of the day. 
Looking for a place to deposit those eclipse glasses after the fact? Girl Scouts of America is collecting them for a great cause. Read more about that here.
Houston girls hit the ground running with fall sports in volleyball, soccer, and golf
Though the famous song goes “girls just wanna have fun”, the ladies at Houston accomplished far more than just that over this weekend. Following suit with the football takedown at Brighton, our girls’ volleyball, golf, and soccer teams each established victory streaks of their own all over the state. This fall, the girls are where it’s at. Click here to read the full story. 
HMS Visits Ron Clark’s Academy for a once-in-a-lifetime professional development experience
Twenty-nine teachers from Houston Middle School traveled to Ron Clark Academy (RCA) on a bus to participate in professional development. Ron Clark is an educator who founded the RCA in Atlanta, Georgia. Clark is a New York Times bestselling author and motivational speaker on the topic of inspiring educators. Click here to read the full story.

And, in case you missed it…
RES students will model in the National Best Buddies fashion show this November
At GMSD, we are incredibly proud to house many unique friendships. One such friendship has recently been recognized for its particular sweetness this past week. Click here to read more. 
Rising 9th grader of Houston High School publishes a book for a good cause
One strong pillar of the district's strategic plan is provide excellence in the classroom but also for our students to take that knowledge and serve others. Rising Houston freshman, Annie Holley, has recently published a children’s book titled Diabetic Me.  Read the article here.
DES student heads to Washington to represent Tennessee at JDRF Children's Congress
At GMSD, it is our goal to grow our students beyond the confines of the classroom into evoking positive change of their own in the outside world. Embodying this goal is Dogwood student Claire Midha. Read the article here.  
Houston High School's Clare Jordan chosen for prestigious Georgia Tech opportunity for young innovators
 From alarm clocks to running water to iPhones, innovations in invention clearly mark the daily routines of all our lives. Where we would be without the STEM thinkers that created these technologies is hard to know, and knowing where these exciting thinkers will take us from here is even harder. Read more here.
Former Mustang lights up the Hollywood screens in this month's Detroit Premiere—HHS’ Dr. Rayburn invited to the premiere as honored guest
Nathan Davis Jr., who graduated Houston in 2012, will be starring in the new major motion picture Detroit. Click here to read all about it.  
Riverdale receives a new support group in an all-dads offshoot of the PTO--Introducing the Knight's Watch
The National Center for Education Statistics has reported that when fathers take on an active role in the education of their children, the kids learn more, perform academically better, and exhibit healthier behavior. This fact directly encourages the utilization of people often ignored when volunteer opportunities are involved: fathers...continue reading here
Athletes offer support, high-fives, and friendly faces to younger students on the first day
Athletes from Houston High stood at the doors of all our GMSD schools to greet our younger students and provide them some comfort on their first day in what has become a new annual tradition in the city. Click here for the full scoop.
A Special Meet the Teacher at Riverdale: A Visual Story
Experience a visual story about the soft opening ceremony and Meet the Teacher event that took place on August 3rd at Riverdale School. Click here to view. 
Houston Students assist with auditions for Madagascar at HMS, FES, and DES
Falcon Footlights would like to present Madagascar A Musical Adventure Jr! Auditions are open to students at Farmington, Dogwood, and Houston Middle. There will be two audition workshops to help prepare students for the audition process, which will be held on August 21st and August 23rd. The links below contain the signup genius for the audition workshops, the songs, choreography, and monologues students will need to practice, and the actual audition signup. Auditions are Saturday august 26th. Read more here.
District Office hires new members to leadership team
As the district heads into its fourth school year, the GMSD family welcomes some new members to the leadership team. Click here to read about Bill Gillespie, Sherri Hyatt, and Jennifer McAlpin. 
Professional Development Corner
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Thurs. Aug. 31, 2017
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