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Carter, Lauri

Activities and News


Hope you all had a great week end and wonderful Easter. Hope you see you all Monday at 6:00. We will let the kids chat for about 15 minutes and then I will do an activity. If you can't come we will miss you. If you would like to have another time let me know and I can do that as well. Jenna and I will be posting new activities tomorrow for the coming week. 

Have a safe week!

Here is the link to GMSD page for resourses
If you go to the ESE page on the GMSD webpage, scroll to the bottom and there are some preschool resourses
you will also see a social story that you can access to explain to your child more about what it happening 
  hope everyone is well and enjoying some fun times withy our family.


Language and Fine Motor activities

Language activities can be incorporated in all activities by modeling correct langauge and creating activities for students to learn to request items, ask for help and answering and asking questions. Reading books daily helps to increase language. Asking your child questions about the books helps with comprehension.
The students love art activities. Give them some paper colors, markers and glue and watch them create. When they are done ask them, about their picture using descriptive words and getting their feedback about what they make. You can also write down their description of what they drew and start a book. Add to it every day and it will be a great memory keeper. 


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