DES Road to Reopen Plans

Dogwood Elementary School Road to Reopen Plan: Part I

Dogwood Elementary School will be continuing to add important updates that are specific to our school.  Communication will be sent out everytime the plan is updated. Please use the Let's Talk: A COVID Response Center to send DES your questions, comments, and concerns.  The system will quickly put you in touch with the right staff member.
Classroom Social Distancing Plan 
Dogwood Elementary will practice social distancing in all classrooms. This will mean a modified schedule for to ensure smaller class sizes. Our students will receive academic instruction and LAMPS every day. Our administration is watching the numbers of students in each grade level that are choosing the full-time virtual learning program.  These numbers will be used to select our plans.  We appreciate your patience as we work to adjust our schedules.
Virtual Meet the Teacher Event
Our teachers will call each parent in their homeroom to introduce themselves, answer questions, explain first day procedures, assist parents with both car line numbers and busing information.  Then our dolphins will have an opportunity to participate in a virtual meet the teacher event on August 4th in Schoology at noon.
Adjusted Arrival Procedures

Per usual, the school building is not open for students until 8:30 am, except for students participating in R.E.A.CH. 
Signs will be posted for car riders to remain in their car until doors open at 8:30 am.
We will have 6ft spaces on the concrete marked off at the Dogwood Road entrance.  

Adjusted Dismissal Procedures
Bus riders will remain in the classroom and listen for buses to be called over the intercom by grade bands to stagger hallway traffic.  
Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed from classrooms by grade bands.  
Car riders will remain in their classroom while watching a live stream of the numbers arriving on campus.  Once they see their number, they will walk to the carline outside.  (This removes the staging of all car riders in the gym.) 
Teachers’ children will be dismissed to parent’s rooms.  

Adjusted Procedures for Parents Who Need to Visit the Front Office
Parents (wearing a mask) can enter the main entrance to check out or sign in a child with Mrs. Toll.  
All dropped off items will have a specific location where the student can retrieve them.  

Adjusted Breakfast Procedures
Breakfast will continue to be available in the cafeteria in the mornings.  Students will pick up breakfast from a cart/line in the cafeteria.  Students will eat in the cafeteria at marked seats that are socially distanced.  

Quarantine Room Location
The bookstore will be set up as our quarantine room.  In the past, this has been used as a 2nd clinic.  
Locker Procedures
Lockers will not be used.  Students in 4th and 5th grade will carry their materials in their bookbags.  They will keep these with them at their seats to keep materials available.  

Social Distancing Plan During Class Transitions
All staff and students will wear masks in hallways at arrival, dismissal, and transitions.  
Teachers will rotate to classrooms to reduce student movement.  
Any hallway transitions will be scheduled and staggered.  
Signage will be posted to remind students about social distancing.
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