DRC Meeting Minutes 09.05.17

1. Superintendent Manuel recapped the site plans from the GMSD DRC’s last meeting in May
 2. Budget Numbers were presented to reflect up-to-date estimations
a. Cost per square foot has risen to $200-225 per square foot
b. An attempt to decrease exterior walls and square footage in plans occurred
c. Some features were cut, but architects worked to maintain the program on the interior of the building
 3. Group discusses the widening of Forest Hill Irene and the site circulation plan
a. Lake (well fed) will be reshaped to accommodate the road
b. Multiple entrances for buses, car riders, and service vans
c. Central Office facility is being proposed to the north of the school
d. Safe Schools Grants will be a possible source for additional sidewalks
4. Discussion K-8 expansion
a. Group goes over demographic projections
b. Academic team explains difficulty of staffing and scheduling in a K-8 with less than 200 middle school students
c. The demographer report indicates the highest peak in middle students 122 students above the current enrollment
5. Discussion of Central Office
a. Current lease payments of 155,000 could be used towards a mortgage on a facility
b. Superintendent Manuel reminded the committee that these plans are tentative and pending board approval
6. A2H presents the updated designs and gathers feedback
a. Exterior
i. Group goes over brick colors; three separate bricks differentiate sections of the building
ii. The group favors a gray over a brown brick
iii. The metal paneling brings up a lot of questions
iv. Each classroom has two giant windows
v. The design features walls of colored tiles, which raises some discussions on the committee
b. Layout
i. The lobby features a secured entrance—much like Riverdale and Farmington.
ii. There is a back “event” entrance that serves as a visual feature (for PTO meetings, games, plays)
c. Other Design Features
i. Activity spaces feature floor to ceiling glass
ii. Closet space for music/art rooms—and a discussion of the setup of the room that will be used for music and art
iii. One “technology” wall in each classroom will be dry wall (for A/V equipment) and another will be a “teaching” wall with whiteboards.
iv. Built in cubbies may need to be reworked in relation to the “teaching” and “technology” walls
v. ESE prefers sensory neutral colors

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