District Office Staff

Germantown Municipal Schools Central Office Staff

Germantown Municipal Schools Central Office Staff

Germantown Municipal School District
3350 S. Forest Hill Irene Rd.
Germantown, TN 38139
Ph. 901-752-7900 
Fax: 901-757-6479

Office of the Superintendent

Jason Manuel
Manuel, Jason
Vijaya Subramani
Subramani, Vijaya
Executive Secretary to the Superintendent
Loretta Greenleaf
Greenleaf, Loretta
Front Desk Receptionist

Academic Education

Mrs. Missy Abel
Abel, Mrs. Missy
Executive Director, Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Ethan Constant
Constant, Ethan
Instructional Supervisor, Career Technical Education (CTE)
Rosie Naldoza
Naldoza, Rosie
Academic Systems Analyst
Dianne Stovall
Stovall, Dianne
Instructional Supervisor
Office: 901-752-7874
ShaMira Davis
Davis, ShaMira
Professional Development and Evaluation Supervisor
Office: 901-752-7875
Dr. Ted Fuller
Fuller, Dr. Ted
Federal Programs / ESL Supervisor / Homeless, Immigrant, and Migrant Liaison
Office: 901-752-7912
Jennifer Ledford
Ledford, Jennifer
Instructional Coordinator
Office: 901-752-7919


Kate Crowder
Crowder, Kate
Communications Coordinator
Office: 901-752-7908
August Clawson
Clawson, August
Communications Intern
Jenna Fei
Fei, Jenna
Communications Intern
Drew Randolph
Randolph, Drew
Communications Intern

Exceptional Student Education

Sarah Huffman
Huffman, Sarah
Assistant Superintendent, Exceptional Student Education
Office: 901-752-7886
Felicia Coleman
Coleman, Felicia
Exceptional Student Education, Analyst
Office: 901-752-7891
Anne Quinn
Quinn, Anne
Exceptional Student Education Supervisor
Melissa Steinbach
Steinbach, Melissa
Exceptional Student Education, Academic Interventionist
Ami Cochran
Cochran, Ami
Exceptional Student Education, Supervisor
Erin Rhodes
Rhodes, Erin
Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Exceptional Student Education Coordinator
Christine Hingle
Hingle, Christine
Exceptional Student Education, Lead School Psychologist/IDEA Compliance
Jessa Gillaspie
Gillaspie, Jessa
School Psychologist
Jane Joyner
Joyner, Jane
Exceptional Student Education, School Psychologist

Finance Department

Debra Davis
Davis, Debra
Analyst, Accounts Payable & School Nutrition Liaison
Kimberly Welsh
Welsh, Kimberly
Payroll Specialist
Office: 901-752-7893
Latoya Cohen
Cohen, Latoya
Accounting Specialist
Mona Kenley
Kenley, Mona
School Accounting Specialist
Office: 901-752-7943

Human Resources

Elissa Stratton
Stratton, Elissa
Executive Director of Human Resources
Office: 901-752-7914
Mason Grace
Grace, Mason
Human Resources Supervisor
Office: 901-752-7888
Pat Pritchard
Pritchard, Pat
Human Resources Specialist
Office: 901-752-7914
Gina Eddleman
Eddleman, Gina
Human Resources Benefits Specialist
Office: 901-752-7890

Operations Department

Josh Cathey
Cathey, Josh
Deputy Superintendent, Chief of Operations
Chrystal Epps-Bean
Epps-Bean, Chrystal
Administrative Assistant, Operations
Aaron Law
Law, Aaron
Operations Coordinator
Office: 901-752-7909
Gregory Whitely
Whitely, Gregory
Energy Management Foreman

Student Services

Chauncey Bland
Bland, Chauncey
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
Kathy Dudley
Dudley, Kathy
Analyst, Student Services
Office: 901-752-7889
Karen Dodd
Dodd, Karen
Student Services Supervisor
Wes Crump
Crump, Wes
School Safety Specialist
Christy Law
Law, Christy
Social Worker/Counseling Coordinator
Meg Canady
Canady, Meg
Social Worker
Amy Bagwell
Bagwell, Amy
Student Information Administrator
Office: 901-752-7900
Walt Holmes
Holmes, Walt
EIS Analyst


John Pierce
Pierce, John
Director of Technology
Office: 901-752-7885
John Burnett
Burnett, John
Systems Administrator
Office: 901-752-7901
Kayla Maynard
Maynard, Kayla
Systems Administrator
Office: 901-752-7900
Chris Cooper
Cooper, Chris
Blended Learning Supervisor
Office: 901-752-7880
Erin Davis
Davis, Erin
Inventory Clerk
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