GMSD Enrollment Numbers as of 8.20.18

Excerpts from the Superintendent's Enrollment Report

The enrollment numbers for the first 20 days of school were reported on August 20, 2018 to the school board.  Before looking at the numbers, it helps to understand the following terms:
Below are the enrollment numbers broken down by school.  These numbers do not include preschool or functional skills classrooms.   The demographer’s forecasts are provided so that the school board can track the predictions alongside the actual numbers each year. 
The Superintendent has also included a breakdown of any new transfer students.  
  • “Employee Transfers” refers to the children of GMSD employees, which remains a priority transfer status as it allows us to recruit some very top-notch teachers to the district.
  • “Intra-District Transfers” refers to Germantown resident students who are zoned to one GMSD school, but choose to attend another GMSD school. 
  • “City Employee Transfers” refers to the children of City of Germantown employees. 

Enrollment Numbers for K-8

During his presentation, Superintendent Manuel reminded the school board that there are currently only about 1,400 resident students that are enrolled at Houston High School.  Each year, the Student Services Department accepts non-resident transfers to reach an enrollment of about 1,900.  That number of students ensures some of the course offerings such as AP, dual enrollment classes, fine arts and other special electives, and staffing at the school remain available.
In grades K-8, the district is over capacity.  The building of Forest Hill Elementary School and the right-sizing of each school population due to the new attendance planning will leave each school with additional room for growth.  The City of Germantown has also agreed to fund a new wing for Houston Middle School.
40% of the resident growth has occurred at the high school level.  Considering that we began the district with just over 1,000 resident high school students and need to fill the school to 1,900—that is positive growth.  

The next chart shows a cohort analysis of enrollment by both Germantown residents and non-residents.  Each cohort is color coded so that your eyes can follow the growth or decay of one group of children.  For example, the 336 students who began Kindergarten in 2014 have grown to include 400 students today in fourth grade.  
It is also important to note the trend in non-resident (transfer) enrollment.  Each cohort of K-8 non-residents either shrinks or stays the same.  Notice that each year the Kindergarten and Sixth grade cohorts (entrance years) decreases by a substantial amount.  

The final slide in the Superintendent’s presentation compares actual enrollment (in the light gray) with the demographer’s forecast enrollment (dark gray).  

Demographer's Study of the District

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