FES Road to Reopen Plans

Farmington Elementary School Road to Reopen Plan: Part I

Farmington Elementary School will be continuing to add important updates that are specific to our school.  Communication will be sent out everytime the plan is updated. Please use the Let's Talk: A COVID Response Center to send FES your questions, comments, and concerns.  The system will quickly put you in touch with the right staff member.
Classroom Social Distancing Plan 
Farmington Elementary will practice social distancing. Student desks will have a radius of 6ft from each other. Providing an environment that ensures a sense of normalcy combined with protective safety measures is of the utmost importance at Farmington. At this time, the daily schedule will remain the same with the only changes being our students will remain in their classroom for the majority of the day. Students will eat lunch in their classroom. LAMPS teachers will provide instruction in their classroom and, if the grade level is departmentalized, teachers will rotate instead of students.   Our administration is watching the numbers of students in each grade level that are choosing the full-time virtual learning program.  These numbers will be used to select our plans.  We appreciate your patience as we work to adjust our schedules.
Virtual Meet the Teacher
Meet the Teacher will be a virtual event this year.  An email regarding Farmington's Meet the Teacher will be sent out Wednesday, August 12th.  If you have not completed registration for the 2020-2021 school year, you will not receive this important information.
*Transportation information will be communicated soon. (Bus & Car Rider) 
Adjusted Arrival Procedures

Signage: Visual cues will be displayed across campus, so students and stakeholders can visually see the six foot distancing. They will be throughout common spaces - hallways, restrooms, hand-washing sinks,  cafeteria line, the gym, and outside in arrival and dismissal areas, etc. - social distancing measures will be marked either with tape or specific signage.  There will be reminders throughout the building to indicate when mask usage is required, proper mask usage, and to help with social distancing.
Students: Students will enter the campus at one of the designated locations: Main entrance, Bus entrance, PreK entrance, and Daycare entrance. Student arrival and dismissal will be logged through his/her HR teacher.  
Students dropped off early: During arrival, if students arrive before 8:15 then students will exit their cars and then go straight into the cafeteria.  There will be spaces marked on the floor for students to sit down to wait until the bell rings at 8:15 to go to class.  Families may sit together, but other than direct family members, students will need to sit in their own space.  THIS PROCESS WILL BEGIN AT 8:05 AND ADJUSTMENTS WILL BE MADE AS THEY ARE NECESSARY. WE ARE ASKING THAT PARENTS DO NOT DROP OFF THEIR CHILD BEFORE 8:05. 
FIRST DAY ARRIVAL:  Car Rider Tags will be handed out on the first day of school during arrival.  Numbers will be assigned and communicated prior to August 17, 2020.  Please remember your number to expedite this process.

Adjusted Dismissal Procedures
Signage: Throughout common spaces - hallways, restrooms, hand-washing sinks,  cafeteria line, the gym, and outside in arrival and dismissal areas, etc. - social distancing measures will be marked either with tape or specific signage.  There will be reminders throughout the building to indicate proper mask usage, and to help with social distancing.

Dismissal: Dismissal will be staggered based on the various modes of transportation. (REACH, Walkers, Bike Riders, Bus, Car Riders, Daycare Vans, etc.) Students will dismiss from his/her HR classrooms via the intercom system to help ensure there is a limited number of students in the hallways and to continue to promote social distancing.

Adjusted Procedures for Parents Who Need to Visit the Front Office
Student check-in/check-out:  We ask that parents or guardians call the office at (901) 756-2320 to let us know that you are coming.  Parents or guardians needing to visit the office will be asked to wait outside of the office.  There will be a desk in the bricked lobby next to the front office with “Sign-In” and “Sign-Out” sheets.   If you are checking a student in, please sign the sheet in the bricked lobby.  For younger students, we will have an adult to walk them to class.  For older students, they will be let in the door to proceed to their classroom.  If checking out, you will come into the office to show your ID to verify that you are able to pick the student up from school.  Once verified, please sign your student out on the sheet and then wait in the bricked lobby for your student. 
Drop offs:  If you need to drop off supplies to your student, please place it on the table in the bricked lobby.
 If you need to drop off medication, please let us know and we will let you in to sign the paperwork and to verify medication with Nurse Melissa.  When entering the office area, we ask that you wear a mask if possible.  
Adjusted Breakfast Procedures
Students wishing to eat breakfast will be directed to the grab-n-go pickup station, located in the cafeteria. Visual cues will be displayed to assist students with where to walk and promote social distancing. Personnel will be available to facilitate breakfast and assist younger children, or those needing further support. Students will return back to his/her class, eat breakfast items, and throw away in designated locations assigned by the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will facilitate making sure students with peanut, or specific food allergens are safe and not near those eating food that could trigger a possible allergic reaction.
Quarantine Room Location
For students and staff exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, a quarantine room will be established to limit the spread of suspected illness.  This room will be staffed with school personnel if students are sent to the office with symptoms.  Students will be screened and, if needed, they will remain in this room until someone is able to pick them up from school. FES SRO and medical records clerk will coordinate with FES principal and or designee, of any staff/students dismissing from campus.

Social Distancing Plan During Class Transitions
Teachers that are departmentalized will transition to student classrooms to deliver instruction. Lamps teachers will transition into student classrooms as well, during the classes scheduled lamps time each day.  
Grade level teams, ESL, and ESE staff will develop a schedule for students transitioning through the hallways. These transitions will primarily be for intervention, student lunch pickup, restroom, handwashing, and recess.  In order to minimize the number of students in the hallways, restroom schedules will be developed. Students will be able to go to the restroom outside of their designated times, but class-wide breaks will occur on a schedule.  
While in the hallway, students will be asked to maintain social distancing.  Students will be asked to move all the way to the right side of the hallway, based on the direction being traveled, when passing by another class. Visual cues will be available to support student transitions.
Floors will be marked to help remind students of social distancing in the hallways.  Teachers will monitor their class to ensure that they are socially distanced from other classes.  
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