GMSD New Student Guide

Steps for New Students (Grades 6-12 Only)

Getting Your iPad or Laptop

All middle and high school students in GMSD are issued a 1to1 device. High school students are issued a MacBook, and middle school students receive an iPad. As a new middle or high school student, there are a few steps that need to be completed in order to get your device. 

1)  If you have not already, go to the GMSD Registration Page and complete the online student registration. This must be completed before a device is issued.

2)  During registration, you are asked to review the Blended Learning Procedure Manual and the Device Orientation video (both linked to the right). Please be sure you have reviewed both before going further.

3)  There is a maintenance fee to cover the cost of repairs and maintenance. For middle school students, the iPad fee is $30. For high school students, the laptop fee is $50. Families with multiple students in the Blended Learning Program will only be expected to pay a maximum of $100 per school year. Please send an email to [email protected] if this applies to you.

Please pay the fee on the MySchoolBucks website (not the mobile app) and print a copy of the receipt to bring with you to pick up your device. To pay the device fee online: Go to from a desktop or laptop computer. The site may not work properly from a mobile device. 

a.  From the School Store tab, click on Categories > iPad Maintenance or Categories > Laptop Maintenance

b.  Fill out form completely and click ADD TO BASKET

c.   Click on Shopping Basket in upper right corner to complete the payment.

If you have any problems paying the fee online, you may also bring a check, made out to the school.

4)  In order to receive your iPad or laptop, you must print and sign the GMSD Student Deployment Form. This form can be found in Skyward Family Access – the same website you used for online registration.

a.  Log into Skyward Family Access.

b. Select the student from the dropdown list at the top (if you have more than one child).

c.  Select the Online Forms tab from the left.

d.  Select the Device Deployment Form.

e.  Select Print from the top left corner of the form.

f.   Sign and date. Tech staff will fill in the rest and keep the form.

5)  Bring the signed Deployment Form and Receipt (or check) to your school’s technology office. The tech office is located in the following rooms:

a.  Houston High School: M12 (between the Attendance Office and Reference Library)

b.  Houston Middle School: Library

c.  Riverdale School: Library

6)  Be sure you receive a case and charger with your device. If you ever have any problems with your device, you may bring it to the tech office or send an email to [email protected]Never take your device to the Apple Store or let anyone else attempt to repair your device.

Logging Into Student Accounts

Every middle and high school student will be given a Microsoft login that gives them access to Email, Office365, Schoology, Discovery Ed, and other sites as well. The login pages for these sites, as well as others, can be found on the GMSD Symbaloo Page: Here are a few of the more commonly used websites for students:

Student Login Instructions

Schoology and Email/Office365 (or any other website that uses the Microsoft login)

Username: [email protected]
Password: Gmsd + Lunch ID (If it begins with a zero, you may need to leave off the first digit. Ex: Gmsd12345, Gmsd2345) This number is also called the “Other ID” in Skyward, which can be found on the Student Info tab under Student Information.


Username: Firstname.Lastname (do not include full email address)
Password: On your first time logging in, select “Forgot Password” in your browser (not the mobile app) and enter your username (firstname.lastname). An email will be sent to your school email account to allow you to create your own password.


Schoology Parent Access

  1. To access the Schoology Parent Access information, login to Skyward Family Access and select the child from the dropdown menu at the top, then select Online Forms.
  2. You will see the Schoology Parent Access form. Click “Fill out Online Form…” to open the Schoology Parent Access form. 
  3. Once it is open, you may ignore the button “Complete Step 1 Only” or any other action button. Click View Full Screen to open the form in a larger window.
  4. Once open in full screen, follow the steps to set up your Schoology parent access. There is a Print button in the top left if you would prefer to print a copy of the form.
  5. If the Access Code field is blank, contact [email protected]to receive your schoology access code.

Have Questions?

Chris Cooper, Blended Learning Lead
Please NoteNew students in grades 6-12 should make an appointment with tech staff to receive training on the use of their device. Click below to see the outline for this training.


Resources for 6-8


Resources for All

Schoology vs Skyward
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